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Trade License Registration In Nagaland

Trade License registration in Nagaland is a certificate that allows the applicant to commerce a particular trade business in a specific area or location. The holder of the trade license cannot use it for any other work or business. A business within the state, corporation or municipality is required to obtain the trade license registration from the concerned authorities. It is necessary to understand under which jurisdiction they are operating and the applicable Act.

What are the different categories of trade license registration in Nagaland?

  • Industry License: Small, Medium, and Large scale manufacturing factories.
  • Shop License: Dangerous and offensive trades like the sale of firewood, cracker manufacturer, candle manufacturer, barbershop, dhobi shop, etc.
  • Food Establishment license: Restaurants, hotels, Food stalls, canteen, the sale of meat and vegetables, bakeries, etc.

What documents are needed for Trade License Registration in Nagaland?

To apply for a Trade License registration in Nagaland the applicant has to make an application and submit the following documents to the concerned municipal authorities.

  • An application is to be made in the prescribed form
  • PAN Card along with a certificate of Incorporation is to be submitted if in case the applicant is any Firm, LLP, or even a Company.
  • Aadhar Card is mandatory in case of an individual applicant
  • The Latest Municipality property tax payment receipt is to be submitted
  • NOC from the immediate neighbor
  • A certified layout plan of the trade building that shows the business
  • Lease documents or consent letters from the owner of the property.
  • Katha extracts
  • Katha Certificate
  • Sanction plan
  • Occupancy certificate.

Who issues Trade License Registration in Nagaland?

The trade license registration in Nagaland is issued by various departments of the municipal corporations like the industries, engineering, health, etc. The Government of India authorizes the license in a manner to regulate in the cities across the country. The issuance of the license differs from state to state and it depends on the local government agencies.

There are various provisions, rules, and regulations that are to be followed by a person who is registered if in case he fails to comply with the registration requirements of the trade license and commencing any trade activity before the license is issued. Further, legal action is also taken against a defaulter.

Hence, a Trade License becomes a necessity while carrying out trade, Talk to our experts today.


The municipal authority or the local authorities are responsible for the issuance of a trade license in Nagaland.
Trade License in Nagaland is necessary for all the traders that are involved in the general trading activity. However, it should be noted the class of trade of license varies from state to state and is also based on the nature of the business.
It takes around 8-10 days if you are registering with IndiaFilings. Again the time taken for registration depends on the documents provided.
In case if the license holder has canceled is violating the conditions and is creating harm to the environment his license registration may get canceled.