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Uttar Pradesh Fire License

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, a fire license or no-objection certificate is a document mandatorily required to obtain building plan approval from the Local Municipal Authority. Residents of Uttar Pradesh can acquire fire license from the Fire Services Department that is regulated by the State Government. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining an Uttar Pradesh Fire License in detail.

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Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Act, 2005

According to the Fire Service Act, any individual proposing to construct a building of more than 15 meters in height for commercial or business purposes must apply for a fire license to the Director-General of the Fire Service. The application has to be duly authorised before submission along with the appropriate building plans to the concerned authority which happens to be the Local Municipal Corporation under the state law.

Purpose of Obtaining Fire License

An individual requires to obtain a fire license under the following conditions:

  • Fire license is a must for anyone seeking a trade license or an occupancy certificate from the civic body in the state.
  • Fire license is necessary to carry out businesses and trading activities, as listed under the Department of Fire Services in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Fire license is necessary to verify that a building is resistant or unlikeliness to observe any fire-related accident.

Fire License Categories

The following categories require to obtain a Fire License in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Education buildings.
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and sanatoria
  • Custodial institutions
  • Telephone exchange.
  • Assembly buildings
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Business buildings
  • Mercantile buildings
  • Industrial buildings Low hazard
  • Industrial buildings Moderate hazard
  • Industrial buildings High hazard
  • Storage buildings High hazard

Documents Required

The below mentioned are the essential documents that should be submitted along with the application form of Uttar Pradesh fire license.

  • Site Plan
  • Basement Floor Plan
  • Stilt/Ground Floor Plan
  • Floor-wise plan
  • Terrace plan.
  • Section plan
  • Elevation plan
  • And if any other supporting records related to the above documents.

Processing Time

The entire process of providing a No Objection Certificate or a Fire License can be completed within fifteen days from the date of application.


The Fire License or No Objection Certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue. Therefore, it has to be renewed every year.

Applicable Fee

The Applicant need not remit an application fee to apply for No Objection Certificate in Uttar Pradesh.

Application Procedure for Fire License or No Objection Certificate

Applicants can apply for Fire License/No objection Certificate online by following the steps specified here.

Public User Registration

Step 1: The Applicant has to visit the official portal of Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Department.

Step 2: Click on “Apply for NOC” from the menu (NOC) which would be displayed on the home page of the portal.

Step 3: On the next screen, the application form for a No Objection Certificate will open up through which the Applicant may add the appropriate details.

Application Form for NOC

Step 4: Now, the user has to provide information such as

  • Name of the building
  • Type of NOC
  • Applicant’s email address
  • Address details
  • District Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Type of Building
  • Height of building
  • Plot area

Step 5:  Now click on “choose file” to upload all the required documents.

Submit the Details

Step 6:  After providing the appropriate information, click on the “Submit” button to submit your application.

Step 7: Upon submission, the Applicant will receive the acknowledgement receipt or unique ID for further reference.

Step 8: After verification by the concerned authority, the No objection certificate will be issued within the specified time period, or will be available for download online as well.

Concerned Authority

After receiving the receipt of the online application with the above documents, the request will be forwarded to the Chief Officer of the Fire Services Department. The Chief Fire Officer will inspect the site regarding incorporating all the firefighting and related devices and submit a report to the concerned authority of the department which issues the No Objection Certificate.

Download No Objection Certificate

The user can download the No Objection Certificate by revisiting the official portal of Fire Service Department.

Step 1: Click on “NOC issued till date” from the menu (NOC) which is on the homepage of the portal.


Step 2: The details of Applicant unique ID, Applicant’s Name, Applicant’s Address and Name of the District will appear.

Step 3: The Applicant has to select the “Download” button from the appropriate unique ID.

Step 4: Finally, the Applicant’s copy of the digitally signed Fire License will be available for download.

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