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Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate


Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate

Birth registration is an official and a permanent record of a child’s existence. Like any other country in the world, it is obligatory to register the birth of a child or a deceased child in India under the law as per the Registration of the Birth and Death Act, 1969. Besides the legal framework, one has to acquire a birth certificate as evidence of personal identification to avail the benefits and services offered by the Government for its citizens. It also serves as a legal proof for identity, age, and for various rights of an individual. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Uttar Pradesh birth certificate in detail.

Birth Registration

Citizens require to register the birth of the newborn within 21 days of the event in their respective State or Union Territory. The applicant can register without mentioning the name at the time of registration, which can be later inserted within one year. In case of non-registration within the stipulated time, the local authority concerned will issue the certificate only after the police verification along with a penalty for late filing.

Place of Registration

Birth registration should be made in local ward offices by the place of birth or to be done at the Head Office of the Health Department, if the registration is delayed for more than one year.

Government Fee

As stated clearly by the Registration of the Birth and Death Act, 1969 Act, the local bodies should issue the birth certificate free of cost for the births reported within 21 days of its incidence.

Provision of information to the authority after 21 days but within one month attracts a penalty of Rs.2 for late registration, and the application should be made as per the prescribed format.

If providing data for registration after 30 days and before one year, a permission letter from Additional Health officer must be submitted along with a late fee of Rs.5.

A delay of 1 year in registration requires an order from the Deputy District Magistrate. The registration fee for the birth certificate, which is Rs.5 and a late charge of Rs.10, is charged at the Head office of the Health Department to acquire the certificate.

Documents Required for Birth Certificate UP Online

Attach the following documents along with the application in the online process to get birth certificate UP online.

  • Identity proof of the informer (Aadhar card, voter id, ration card etc.)
  • Hospital birth proof (if a child born in a hospital)
  • Proof of birth, i.e. letter from the informer if born outside the hospital.
  • High school Mark sheet
  • Affidavit
  • The first-class magistrate approval certificate

How to apply for birth certificate in UP

The Government has arranged a well-defined system for registration of births in which the parent of the offspring can easily navigate on how to apply for birth certificate in UP through either offline or online mode.

Offline Application for Birth Certificate Uttar Pradesh

Follow the procedure, to register for the birth certificate Uttar Pradesh through offline mode:

Through hospital where the child was born

The hospital operator where the child was born would fill the registration form depending on the information presented by the applicant. On submission of application form along with the required documents, the applicant will receive an SMS to the mobile.

Through Nagar Nigam Service Center

The applicant applying for a certificate has to visit the Nagar Nigam Service Center with all essential documents.

The Nagar Nigam operator will fill the application form based on the information provided by the applicant. On submission of the application, the applicant receives an SMS on his/her mobile intimating the same.

A copy of the application form is below for your reference:

UP birth certificate application form

Birth Certificate UP Online Procedure

Complete the registration procedure for obtaining a birth certificate online.

Through a Citizen Service Center (CSC)

CSCs are authorized cyber cafes that perform the task of the Nagar Nigam operator. They assist the Citizen to fill the registration form based on the information provided by them. The operators are provided with all forms & guidelines necessary to perform the task. After submitting the application, an applicant will receive an SMS to the mobile number. A  CSCs maintains separate account to collect the payment from the Citizen which is then later submitted to the Nagar Nigam.

Note: The Citizen can collect the birth certificate either from the site or from the CSC or Nagar Nigam service centre once the certificate is available on the site.

Through e-Nagarsewa website

Step 1: To apply online visit e-Nagarsewa website. Click Citizen’s login to avail the service.

Step 2: Enter the mobile number and password if already registered or else click New registration.

Step 3: On new user registration, the applicant will receive a login id and password on the registered mobile number.

Step 4: Login and click on the link birth certificate on the dashboard screen to apply.

Application Status of Birth Certificate

To check the application status of the birth certificate, click this link and select Check Status icon which displays the search option. The Citizen can track the status of the application.

  1. Using Acknowledgement number.
  2. Using Registration Number.
  3. Using advanced search with city name and date of birth.

Choose the appropriate option and submit to view the application status.


Downloading the Birth Certificate

To download the birth certificate in pdf format, click the Download Birth Certificate menu on the same page. Similar to the application status, the search is done through the same options.

    1. Using Acknowledgement number
    2. Using Registration Number
    3. Using advanced search.

Choose the appropriate option and submit to download the certificate.

Note: The certificate provided by Nagar Nigam authority is digitally signed and hence legal and valid.