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e-Nagar Palika

e-Nagar Palika

e-Nagar Palika

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has introduced e-Nagar Palika a unified portal to provide e-Governance to the citizens in the state. e-Nagar Palika will serve as a single platform for linking multiple cities, Atal mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation (AMRUT) planned by the government. All municipalities and corporation through this digital platform connect online providing easy access to government services to the people. In this article, we look at the e-Nagar Palika in detail.

e-Nagar Palika Citizen Service

The Madhya Pradesh government has embraced by facilitating all the citizens through this portal. The portal facilities citizen services are the following:

  • Birth Registration
  • Death Registration
  • Marriage Registration
  • Property Tax
  • Water Connection Bill Payment
  • Fire NOC
  • Request for Litter Collection (Paid Service)
  • Request for Debris Collection (Paid Service)
  • Request for Evidence Certificate and Fire Extinguishing Service (Paid Service)
  • Request for Septic tank and Sewerage Cleaning (Paid Service)
  • Request for Water Tanker (Paid Service)
  • Request for Ambulance (Free Service)
  • Request for Mobile Toilet (Free Service)
  • Request for Funeral Van (Hearse) (Free Service)

The citizen can apply online for the above services and track the status of their applications. Citizens are encouraged to make payments online for prompt services through this portal. Citizens can file online complaints, if any, and can also track the status of their complaints.

e-Nagar Palika Businesses Service

These portal facilities the business people with the following services are listed out.

  • Hoarding Registration
  • Hoarding New Application
  • Payment for Hoarding
  • Trade License
  • Online form- Trade License
  • Payment for Trade License
  • Download Trade License Certificate
  • Online form – Trade License Renewal
  • Trade Ledger Report

e-Nagar Palika Tree Cutting/ Tree Transit

 This service benefits the user with the list of services mentioned below.

  • Tree cutting Procedure
  • REquest for Tree Cutting (Paid SErvice)
  • TRee cutting Login
  • Status Check and Payment (Tree Cutting Application)
  • Download Tree Cutting Certificate
  • Tree Transit Procedure
  • Request for Tree Transit (Paid Service)
  • Tree Transit Payment
  • Download Tree Transit Certificate

e-Nagar Palika Grievance

This portal provides the user with the grievance service. If the user has any grievance against any of the departmental services you can apply for your grievance through New Grievance and also can track the complaint by track grievance.

e-Nagar Palika Portal Registration

The citizens can register through the official portal of e-Nagar Palika to get the different department services, follow the steps mentioned below:

Choose the Service

Step 1: The applicant has to select the appropriate services from the list of functions described above.

Select the City

Step 2: After selecting the service the page will be redirected to the next page, where you have to choose your city and then click on the “Continue” button.

Application Form

Step 3: After selecting your city, on the next page the application form will open up for availing the service.

Note: After applying the applicant will receive an acknowledgement number as the confirmation of successful submission of application.

Track Application Status Online

The application status can be verified online by using the e-Nagar Palika portal of Madhya Pradesh. You have to click on the Citizen Service Application Status and enter your application number to view the status of your application.

Contact Center

For further enquiries, kindly contact the following email id and number below:

Email id

[email protected]

[email protected]

Toll-Free Contact Number: 18002335522.