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Skill Development Training Scheme of NBCFDC


Skill Development Training Scheme of NBCFDC

National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) of India has implemented Skill Development Training Scheme to facilitate the Common Norms enclosed for the upgradation of technical and entrepreneurial skills amidst low-community individuals. It has been decided that, this measure will be accomplished through Government Training Institutes, Sector Skill councils managed by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and other such renowned training institutes affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) or the Sector Skill Council (SSC).

Objectives of Skill Development Training Scheme

  • The training institutes have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with NBCFDC, so that the eligible members of the target group may engage in developmental activities through self-employment.
  • Each and every skill development course offered under the scheme broadly conforms to the norms of National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).
  • The training institute initially submits the list of eligible mobilized candidates for the proposed training program along with mode of publicity and the original minutes of the meeting of the selection committee and demand of funds.
  • The Training Institutes has to accept the terms & conditions of Letter of Intent (LOI) issued by the NBCFDC. The Letter of Intent signed by Training Providers will be considered as the sanction, which will be valid for an ongoing financial year only.
  • The program should commence within a month from the date of release of the first installment of the sanctioned amount which will be released proportionately.
  • With regards to the inspection process, the representative of NBCFDC shall have the right to inspect the account books and records of training institutes and interaction with the trainees as well as the trainer and other officials of Training Institute/SSCs.
  • NBCFDC may also interact telephonically or through Video Conferencing with the trainees before, during and after the training in order to assess the quality and status of the training program.


Training under this scheme is provided to the targeted group of NBCFDC who are specifically categorized and certified as mentioned below,

  • The beneficiaries under this scheme should belong either to a caste categorized as OBC under state or Central Government with an annual family income of below INR 3,00,000 or communities are classified as De-Notified, Nomadic Tribes & Semi-Nomadic Tribes.
  • Individuals from Economically Backward Classes or Senior Citizens, Transgenders, Members of Beggar’s Community or Victim of Substance Abuse can also avail this training scheme.
  • In case of OBC, confirmation to be appearing in the Center list may be availed at or the designated annual family income from all the sources should lie below INR 3,00,000.
  • Whereas, in the case of EBC’s, there is no requirement of caste certificate. However, the annual family income should be below INR 1,00,000.
  • For compliance of yearly family income, the certificate issued by the appropriate authority of the Government or self-certified and duly endorsed by a Gazette Officer which is defined by appropriate Government will be acceptable under the norms.
  • It is clarified that the endorsement by public representatives, Councilor, Gram Pradhan, notaries,etc will not be acceptable.
  • In other cases of DNT Community, extremely deprived and migratory nature, the exemption has been given for insistence of caste certificate, income certificate, Agre Proof and permanent address.
  • In the absence of this, the training providers can take self-declaration of candidates endorsed by the local Pradhan. However, it has to be confirmed by the training provider that the candidate falls under the DNT category as defined in the DNT Commission Report.
  • In the case of a Senior Citizen, the age of a person should be over 60 years. Age should be authenticated by means of a valid proof or certificate of educational qualification, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License etc are also required. There will be no requirement of caste or income criteria for Senior Citizens.
  • In the case of transgenders, an exemption has been provided for income limit and caste category. The member of transgender community is expected to obtain a certificate of identity issued by the District Magistrate based on the recommendation of a District Screening Committee, which comprises of the District Social Welfare Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Psychologist or psychiatrist and a representative from the transgender community.
  • In the case of Beggars, according to the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act 1959, the person should be:

i. Receiving alms, in any public place under obsolete condition such as singing, dancing, fortune telling or performing tricks.

ii. Entering any private area for the purpose of soliciting alms;

iii. Exposing with the object of obtaining alms, any sore, wound injury, deformity or disease whether of a human being or an animal;

iv. Having no visible means of subsistence and remaining in any public place in such condition or manner to receive alms;

v. Humans allowing themselves to be used as exhibits to solicit or receive alms.

Age of Applicant

The training is imparted only to the individuals above the age of 18 on the date of completion of assessment or certification. However, in certain special cases, training may also be imparted to beneficiaries lesser than the age of 18 subjected to the limits defined in the respective qualification packs.

Duration of Training

Based on traditional norms issued by MSDE regularly.

i)Freshers Training: Minimum 200 hours as per National Occupation Standard (NOS)

ii)Skill Up-gradation Training (including Reskilling): 32-80 Hours

Amount of Grant

i)The NBCFDC will provide the total training cost or course fee for the training program.

ii)Stipend – Beneficiaries of the skill training program of NBCFDC belong to the socio-economic disadvantaged sections of the society comprising of a unique group of individuals. Accordingly, to cover the Boarding & lodging, travel costs and also other benefits for special area groups, the stipend amount of INR 1000 per month will be admissible to each trainee for Fresh Courses subject.

iii)Non- residential trainees having 80% attendance during the training program will be eligible for stipend as a reimbursement for the travel from the training center.

iv)The pay will be disbursed through DBT by the Training Institutes to the eligible trainees at the end of every training program in terms of Schedule I of Common Norms. No stipend will be admissible in the case of Residential Programs.

v)The stipend amount for fresh training courses as mentioned in Letter of Intent will be released to the Training institutes by the NBCFDC on successful submission of proof for the transfer of stipend to eligible candidates (having above 80% attendance) through digital means.

For further details about the Skill Development Training Scheme of NBCFDC dial the toll-free number 1800 102 3399 or draft a mail to [email protected]. The users may also visit the official website of NBCFDC.