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Shopclues Seller Registration – Sell on Shopclues

Shopclues Seller Dashboard

Shopclues Seller Registration – Sell on Shopclues

Shopclues is an Indian online marketplace founded in 2011 by Sandeep Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi. Shopclues is a large marketplace in India having over 12,000 registered merchants, retailing over 2 million products to 42 million visitors. Shopclues sellers can sell an array of products like mobile phone, computers, home appliances, electronic products, kitchen appliances, fashion accessories, clothing, home furnishings, footwear, travel items, jewellery, automotive accessories, toys, daily needs, sports equipments, beauty and health products. In this article, we look at the process for becoming a Shopclues seller.

Shopclues Seller Registration

To begin the Shopclues seller registration process, visit the Shopclues Seller Platform.  In the seller registration form, provided details like name, store name, phone, email, password, pincode and business type to start the process.

Shopclues Seller Platform
Shopclues Seller Platform

On providing the above information, the user is taken to the Shopclues seller dashboard to complete the registration process and begin updating product information. In the seller dashboard, details like company name, contact person, pickup or dispatch address and store timings are collected from the seller. On providing business details, bank details of the seller like PAN, date of birth, annual turnover, type of business, bank account number, IFSC code and account type are obtained to process payment to seller.

Shopclues Seller Registration Platform
Shopclues Seller Registration Platform

After obtaining seller details, the service charge for selling through Shopclues, fulfillment service charges and memorandum of understanding is displayed for acceptance by the seller. Acceptance of the same is required to complete the Shopclues seller registration process.

Shopclues Seller Charges

Shopclues charges its sellers a selling service fee and fulfillment service fee on each transaction. Selling service fee is charged on a successful sale of an item and there are different rates for different category. The standard service tax is added on top of the selling service fee. Further, for every package handled by ShopClues, the company charges a Fulfillment Service Fee from the merchant based along with standard service tax.

Shopclues Seller Dashboard
Shopclues Seller Dashboard

Shopclues Seller Registration – Basic Requirements

To complete the above process and begin selling on Shopclues, we recommend the following registrations and licenses.

Business Registration

There is no requirement for a specific type of business entity to become a seller on Shopclues. But, being registered as a LLP or Private Limited Company can help protect the promoters from unforeseen liability and enjoy better access to credit. Further, being registered as a corporate entity would ensure that the business is scalable and transferable in the future.

VAT or Service Tax Registration

To sell on Shopclues, VAT or TIN registration would be required. VAT registration is mandatorily for ecommerce sellers selling goods and products in India. Hence, its important for those selling online to have VAT registration.

Bank Account

PAN of the seller is mandatorily required on Shopclues with bank account details. Bank account details of the seller along like PAN, account holder name, account number, IFSC code and bank details are collected by the platform to process payment to the seller.

Trademark Registration

On beginning to sell on online platforms, any brand would get a lot of exposure. Hence, its important to ensure that the brand is trademarked to avoid counterfeit goods or competitor listing for the same product in the long term. Hence, its recommended that sellers selling their own brand of goods or services on Shopclues  obtain Trademark registration. Click here to find out the class under which trademark must be registered for your goods or service.

Becoming an Online Seller

The registration documents requirement for selling on most platform is similar. Hence, its easy for a seller registered on Flipkart or Snapdeal to begin selling on Voonik or any other ecommerce platform. Know more about selling on ecommerce platforms through the following articles:

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