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Jabong Seller Registration – Become a Seller on Jabong

Jabong Seller Registration

Jabong Seller Registration – Become a Seller on Jabong

Jabong is a part of the Rocket Internet group that builds and invests in Internet companies that take proven online business models to new, fast-growing markets. The group has presence in segments like food & groceries, fashion, general merchandise, home & living and travel. With presence in over 110 countries on six continents, Rocket Internet is an ecommerce powerhouse. Jabong was founded by the Rocket Internet group in 2013 as India’s go-to online shop for shoes, fashion and beauty. Offering a broad selection of international and local brands at competitive prices and delivery all over the country, Jabong is now the biggest online fashion retailer in India. Thousands of footwear and clothing brands are available on the website, with the assortment of items constantly being updated to suit customers’ needs and current trends. Businesses can register as a seller on Jabong and sell their products. In this article, we look at the process for becoming a seller on Jabong.

Jabong Seller Registration

Fashion, clothing and accessories manufactures, brands, importers, retailers and distributors can register as a Jabong seller. To being the Jabong seller registration process, click on the sell on Jabong link at the bottom of the Jabong website. The link provides access to a Google form setup by Jabong to process seller registration.


Sell on Jabong
Sell on Jabong

In the online form, the following details must be provided by those wishing to register as a seller on Jabong:

  • Brand Name
  • Company name
  • Company Type
  • VAT Details
  • Trademark Registration Status
  • Website of the Seller
  • Sellers Phone
  • Sellers Email
  • City, State of the Seller
  • Product Type
  • Average Selling Price
  • Number of Styles
  • Details presence in other ecommerce platforms
  • Details of offline presence
  • Annual sales turnover
  • Type of barcode owned by the business.

On providing the above details, a representative would call from Jabong to complete the onboarding process.

Requirements to become a Jabong Seller

The Jabong seller registration website states that barcode printer, trademark registration and VAT registration are mandatorily required for all its sellers. In addition to the above, it is also recommended that the seller have a business registration.

Business Registration

Having a registered business like private limited company or LLP while selling through online platforms is recommended as it provides the promoters with limited liability protection and easy transferability. Hence, though not a mandatory requirement to sell on Jabong, it is best to be registered as a corporate entity.

Barcode Printer

Barcode printer is a computer accessory used to print labels and tags on merchandise. Barcoding a product would help improve efficiency of inventory maintenance, supply chain management, tracking and customer satisfaction. Hence, barcode printers and barcoding is mandatorily required to become a Jabong seller. The website suggests use of Zebra GC420T
or TSC TTP-244 Plus barcode printer.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration helps businesses protect their brand and prevent the counterfeiting of goods and services. As selling online would expose the brand to a huge number of customers, its is mandatory for those selling on Jabong to have a trademark registration for the brand. Trademark registration can be obtained in 1-2 working days through

VAT Registration

VAT registration is required for those engaged in the selling of goods in India. Hence, sellers of Jabong are required to have a valid VAT registration number at the time of onboarding.

Becoming an Ecommerce Seller

The registration documents requirement for selling on most ecommerce platform is similar. Hence, its easy for a seller registered on Flipkart or Snapdeal to begin selling on Jabong or any other ecommerce platform. Know more about selling on ecommerce platforms through the following articles: