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Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal is an online portal developed by the State Government of Rajasthan. It is designed to facilitate the online MSME registration of new entrepreneurs. The new Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises can avail of the benefits of exemptions by applying through the Rajasthan Udyog Mitra portal. In this article, we look in detail at the Raj Udyog Mitra Portal of MSMEs registration.

To know about eMitra – Online Government Services Rajasthan


The primary objective is to promote livelihoods, inclusive economic growth, and entrepreneurship in the State by exempting MSMEs from approvals under any Rajasthan Law and inspections for the establishment and operation of the enterprise. This portal is managed by the information and public relations department of Rajasthan.

Silent Features

The portal offers a range of features that can be availed by the entrepreneurs as follows:

  • The newly registered enterprise will be given a rebate of up to 3 years under the Inspection Law by all the State governments. In addition, no prior approval is required under any state law for the establishment and operation of MSME.
  • It ensures the promotion of new businesses in the State, which will also help with unemployment.
  • When starting a new venture, the new enterprises can easily make the online registration at this portal and will receive the digitally signed Acknowledgment Certificate as the confirmation receipt.
  • The authorized officer in the State Level Nodal Agency (Bureau of Investment Promotion) will issue the acknowledgment certificate. Its validity period is three years from the date of issuance.
  • The company will be exempted from approvals and inspections under any Rajasthan law.
  • The verification process will be done by scanning the QR Code available on the acknowledgment certificate.
  • The company cannot change the name, type of organization, and location of manufacturing or service activity of the enterprise.
  • The enterprise can click on update or edit and can edit the details of the Declaration of Intent. The new acknowledgment certificate with updated information will be generated.

Eligibility Criteria

Generally, the following are the criteria for registration under the Raj Udyog Mitra Portal.

  • Only Residents of Rajasthan are allowed to register under this portal
  • All Udhyog Industries or Businesses of Rajasthan
  • New MSMEs whose commencement date of commercial operation is proposed on or after March 4, 2019 can apply for exemptions under the Ordinance.
  • This scheme does not apply to the already registered enterprises under MSMEs.

Documents Required

The following document checklist is below to register under the Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal.

  • Identity Proof: PAN, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter Identity Card, etc.
  • Address Proof: Aadhar, Utility bill, Valid Passport, Property tax bill, etc.
  • Employee passport size photographs
  • Bank account details (copy of bank passbook).
  • The applicant must not be a defaulter in the records of any bank.

Note: The applicant (enterprise representative) must have an Aadhaar number linked with the registered mobile number for OTP-based authentication.

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal Registration Procedure

The applicants can apply for the Rajasthan MSME Ordinance Udyog Mitra by following the below procedure:
Access the Raj Udyog Mitra Portal.

Step 1: The applicant must go to Raj Udyog Mitra’s official portal for registration under the MSME Ordinance.

Step 1 - Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

Step 2: Click on the “sign-in” menu, which is displayed on the portal’s webpage.

Step 3: The applicant will be redirected to the Rajasthan SSID portal registration page.

Step 4: The applicant will have to choose the appropriate option.

Step 4 - Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

Step 5: After the successful registration, the applicant will receive the Digital Identity (SSO ID or Username).

Step 6: The applicant can enter the login credentials (ID and password) and be able to log in to SSO.

Step 7: Now, the entrepreneurs and existing enterprises who want to establish a new MSMEs enterprise have to submit the Declaration of Intent.

Step 8: On filing all the Declaration forms, you will get a digitally signed Acknowledgment Certificate for confirmation of receipt of the Declaration of Intent.

Verification of Acknowledgment Certificate

The applicant can also verify their Acknowledgment Certificate online via Raj Udyog Mitra Portal. The Acknowledgment Number and Name of the Enterprises are needed for this verification.

Verify Certificate - Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal
Verify Certificate – Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

MSME Udyam Registration

Udyam registration is the new process for registering MSME (micro, small and medium enterprises) launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises on July 1, 2020.

Any person who intends to establish a micro, small or medium enterprise may file Udyam Registration online in the Udyam Registration portal. Filing is on a self-declaration basis. There is no requirement to upload documents, papers, certificates, or proof.

  • On registration, an enterprise (referred to as “Udyam” in the Udyam Registration portal) will be assigned a Permanent Identity Number to be known as the “Udyam Registration Number.”
  • An e-certificate, named “Udyam Registration Certificate,” will be issued on completion of the registration process.

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