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Puducherry VAT Registration & Filing

The Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007 provides and consolidate levy of tax on sales and purchases of goods in Puducherry. This article reviews the Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007 with reference to VAT registration, VAT return filing and VAT rate.

VAT is not applicable in Puducherry from 1st July, 2017 on implementation of GST in India. You can read more about GST registration or GST return filing. GST return filing can be done through LEDGERS GST Accounting Software.

VAT Registration

According to Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007, if a dealer’s total turnover in any year is more than rupees ten lakhs, he/she shall be liable to obtain VAT registration in Puducherry

VAT Return Filing & Payment

According to Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007 the entire turnover of business carried shall be included and accounted for by the registered dealer in his account and returns and that the registered turnover is earned at his registered place of business.

According to Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007 every dealer who fails without sufficient cause to pay the VAT amount due as per the return that is related to any tax period is considered to have committed tax return default. If any dealer has failed to pay the tax due on the basis of return submitted by him or has failed to pay any tax assessed or penalty levied or any other due amount within the prescribed and specified time he shall pay in addition to the amount of such tax pay penalty or any other amount. The registering authority shall have power for reasons to demand from time to time from any registered dealer or dealer, who has applied for registration a security or additional security for proper and timely payment of tax and such other due amounts for the amount not in excess of half of the tax payable on the turnover of the dealer for the relevant year as assessed.

VAT Rate

The VAT levied on goods according to Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007 is described in the various schedules.

Commodities like books, manual agricultural instruments, curd, maize, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, plantain leaves, etc. are exempted from VAT under the terms of Schedule I and include around 100 items.

Articles in Schedule II including precious metals and stones etc. are charged VAT of 1%.

Articles mentioned under Schedule III, Schedule IV and Schedule V are entitled to pay Value Added Tax, ranging from 4% to 20% in relevant cases.

All other items in the state which are mentioned in the Schedule VI need to pay a VAT of 35%.

VAT Liability

According to Puducherry Value Added Tax Act, 2007 where a dealer dies, his executor or administrator or other legal representative shall be regarded to be a dealer for the rationale and the requirements of this act that shall be made applicable to him in respect of the business of the deceased dealer and if he had not died, the executor or administrator or other legal representative shall be made liable to the extent that the assets of the deceased are in his hands.

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