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Philips Lighting Dealership Enquiry

Philips Lighting Franchise

How to Get Philips Lighting Franchise?

Philips India Limited, the Indian subsidiary of the Dutch-based Royal Philips, is a diversified technology company, the object of which is to improve the lives of people through innovations. In this article, we look at the requirements for starting a Philips lighting franchise in detail.

Philips Lighting

Not all companies provide the consumer with a feel of the product, which explains the rationale behind the selective names etched in the minds of the quality-conscious nature of the latter.

Philips Light Lounge (PLL) facilitates the consumer to experience the designs of Philip’s exquisite range of decorative lighting.

The lounge, which is the only exclusive retail face of Philips, offers products under the range of Living Colors; Ledino; Classic; Ambiance; Ecomoods; Kidsplace; and Aquafit.

These ranges can be fit into any space including the living room, bedroom, study room, dining rooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

The prices of these electronic appliances range between INR 500- 60,000, thereby catering to the preference and affordability of all consumers.

Apart from its service to consumers, the light lounge also acts as an experience center for professionals such as Architects and Interior Designers.

Partnership Levels

Collaboration is the buzzword which is most often associated with success. Considering this, Philips has encouraged quality prospects to apply for its franchise opportunity. The company offers two levels of opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs, which are:

  • Value Added Partners – as authorized lighting specialists endorsed to sell and service the exquisite range of Philip’s lighting technologies.
  • Certified Value Added Partners – as partners duly certified by Philips Lighting for their expertise in implementing lighting solutions.

Advantage Offered by the Conglomerate

Philips offers a host of benefits to its business partners, the likes of which include:

  • Access to Philip’s state-of-the-art portfolio.
  • End-to-end technical and business support.
  • Co-branded asset and marketing support.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Training and education.
  • Joint customer visits.

Note: Certified Value Added Partners would be granted additional benefits.

Preferred Partner Profile

Philips prefers entrepreneurs who are:

  • Driven towards the pursuit of entrepreneurship.
  • Interested in engaging in a new business with a reputed establishment.
  • Blessed with sound managerial skills.
  • Willing to exert their efforts for the betterment of Philips.

Philips Dealership Cost

Philips mandates interested entrepreneurs to invest a sum of INR 2 lakhs – INR 5 lakhs to establish a single unit, and a sum of INR 20 lakhs – 30 lakhs to start a master unit/multi-unit franchise. Company estimates suggest that entrepreneurs are likely to receive an ROI of 30-45%, with a payback period of 2-3 years.

Infrastructural Specifications

The franchise may be established in an owned/rental property which has a space of 1000-2000 square feet. It may be preferably located in a high street, given the higher number of footfalls in these locales.

How to Apply for Philips Dealership?

Interested applicants are required to apply for partnership opportunities through the official website of Philips. The application procedure is as follows:

Step 1:- Membership Page

To start with, the applicant must visit the official Philips Lighting website.

Step 2:- Become a Partner

Among the various options provided in the page, the option ‘Become a partner’ needs to be chosen.

Step 3:- Select Apply Now

Now, he/she may scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the ‘Apply now’ option.

Step 4:- Specification of Details

In the following page, the required details must be filled. This includes the first and last name of the applicant; e-mail address; the name of the company; contact number; job title; country; related queries; and a personalized message.

Step 5:- Choice of receipt of communication

The applicant may choose for or against receiving personalized promotional communications regarding Signify-related brands.

Step 6:- Agreement of Terms

To conclude the process, the applicant must agree to the terms of use and click the ‘Submit’ option. Philips will then contact the party if it feels that it is a right fit for the opportunity.


The appointed franchisees will be trained in the following manner:

  • Provision of expert guidance on establishing the franchise unit from the head office.
  • On-field training at every unit.
  • Field assistance for efficient performance of tasks.

Detailed operating manual will be provided to the franchise units. The franchisees will house all the latest IT systems.

Terms of Contract

Most of all modern-day businesses are pursued with a contract, whether or not the relationship between the parties is cordial. Philips requires its partners to sign a contract prior to the commencement of the partnered endeavors. The contract is valid for a lifetime.

Lighting Essentials Certification

Philips offers its consumers and partners with an opportunity to learn about the concept of lighting, thanks to its special training program designed to keep the learner abreast of the latest technologies and techniques. The feature comprises of a series of short videos to educate people on the fundamentals of lighting, controls, systems and LED.

The course provides an opportunity to test one’s knowledge based on the learning acquired through a certification test. Here, the user will be required to answer 20 questions in a span of 20 minutes. Based on his/her performance, a ‘Lighting Essential Certificate’ will be provided. If the applicant fails to clear the test, he/she can re-do the course and take another test to avail the certificate.