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Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana

Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana

Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana

The Government of Haryana has proposed the Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana for providing self-employment in Animal Husbandry and Dairying sector. Under this scheme, financial assistance to the unemployed persons would be provided for establishing sheep and goats in the State of Haryana. This article explains about the Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana in detail.

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The main objectives of the Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana are as follows:

  • To generate self-employment opportunities through sheep and goat farming activities.
  • To develop and up-grade goat and sheep breeds available in the State.
  • To enhance income generation opportunities for economically weaker sections of society.
  • To increase wool, meat and milk production of goat and sheep in the State.
  • To motivate goat and sheep shepherd for stall feeding by providing green fodder cum salt block feeder at free of cost.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the to apply for the scheme are listed below:

  • The applicant should be the resident of Haryana State.
  • The applicant age limit should be between 18 to 55 years of age.
  • The applicant must be unemployed and belonging to the category of Below Poverty Line (BPL).

Note: Any firm or organisation will not be entertained to apply for the scheme, as the scheme is for individual beneficiaries except the Self Help Groups (SHGs) who will be allowed to get assistance per member of the SHG for establishing units.

Financial Assistance

The financial support would be in the form of providing sheep or goats units and green fodder cum salt block feeder at free of cost to the beneficiary. Also, the livestock insurance coverage against the cattle damage or loss would be provided. The insurance premium at the rate of 100% would be borne by the Government for one year under this scheme.

Note: In case the insurance premium is paid by the beneficiary, the same will be reimbursed to the beneficiary from the Government.


The training to the beneficiaries for sheep and goat husbandry practices will be provided by the Government for establishing Sheep or Goat Units. During the year of 2020, a total of 200 sheep and goat units would be established to boost wool, meat and milk production in the State. Also, self-employment opportunities to the beneficiaries in the animal husbandry sectors will be provided.

Commencement of Activities

The beneficiaries would be assisted in establishing units under the following ways:

  • The total cost of new construction and repair of the shed will be self-owned by the beneficiaries.
  • In addition to the above, green fodder cum salt block feeder for goat and sheep will be given to the beneficiary at free of cost.
  • Further, the beneficiary would be given with veterinary assistance facilities such as treatment, consultancy and vaccination from the nearby veterinary hospital.

Selection of Beneficiaries

On submission of an application to the concerned authority would examine the applications received. If the application is approved by the Deputy Directors of concerned districts would forward the application to the respective Sub Divisional officers within 15 days to re-verify. On verification of the application, if not satisfied the concerned authority will return the application to the Deputy Director along with the corrections to be done in the application. The following selection committee will select the beneficiaries to participate under the Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana.

S.No Selection Committee
1 Sub Divisional Officer of the concerned Sub Division Chairman
2 Veterinary Surgeon, Member
3 Block Level Extension Office, Block Member
4 The representative of the concerned Municipal Body/Village Panchayat//Sarpanch/Ward Member/Gram Sachiv/Numberdar Member

Implementation of the Scheme

The Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana will be implemented in the State for providing benefits to the Scheduled Caste (SC) beneficiaries under this scheme. The amount of Rs.17 crore is allocated under the departmental budget for the current financial year.

Verification of Units

The verification of sheep and goat units will be performed by a team including veterinary Surgeon, sub-divisional officer and BLEO. This verification is done every six months from the establishment of the unit.

Documents Required

The following documents should be attached while applying for this scheme:

  • Copy of OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) certificate.
  • Copy of Aadhaar card
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Self Declaration Certificate by applicant
  • Blank cheque of the applicant
  • Proof for the availability of space for the construction of the shed, if any
  • An affidavit stating that the date of purchase

Application Procedure

The procedure for registering under the Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana is explained in detail.

Step 1: The applicant needs to access the home page of the SARAL portal to apply for the scheme.

Step 2: For user registration in the portal, the applicant has to provide the necessary details.

Step 3: After providing the details, click on the “validate” button to receive an email and SMS regarding the login credential. Using this login details, you can log in to the portal.

Step 4: After logging into the portal, the applicant can choose the respective scheme from the list.

Step 5: Now, the application form the Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana will be displayed on the next screen.

Step 6: Complete the application form with all the details and submit the form along with the documents required.

Step 7: Upon successful submission of application, the application ID will be generated.

Step 8: The applicant has to note down the application reference ID to view the status of the application.

Note: The application form for Mukhya Mantri Bhed Palak Uthan Yojana can be obtained from the copy given below.

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