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Income Tax ITR-1 Form – SAHAJ – AY2018-19

ITR-1 Form – SAHAJ – AY2018-19 | FY2017-18

The ITR-1 form or SAHAJ return for the assessment year 2018-19 and financial year 2017-18 has been unveiled by the Government. ITR-1 SAHAJ form is the most widely used income tax form. ITR-1 is used by salaried individuals to file their Tax Returns with the Income Tax Department of India.

ITR-1 form can be used by individuals who have an income which is lesser than ₹ 50 Lakhs and have earned their income in the financial year 2017-18 through salary or pension and only one house property. Taxpayers who have income from foreign assets, agricultural income that exceeds Rs. 5000, Income from Business or Profession and income from more than one house property are not eligible to file using ITR-1 Form.

ITR-1 SAHAJ AY2018-19

Latest Update on 26th June 2019

As per the latest notification from the Income Tax Department, taxpayers are advised to take a note of the below:

Consequent to changes made in Income Tax Return Preparation Software and Schema for AY 2019-20, Please note the below:
1. Already saved draft data will not be available in case of Online ITR 1 & 4
2. In case of Offline utilities, XML has to be re-generated using the latest Income Tax Return Preparation Software.