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GST Refund For Multiple Tax Period

GST Refund For Multiple Tax Period

GST Refund For Multiple Tax Period

With a view to ease up the refund application process under Goods and Service Tax (GST), the Government on 23rd August, 2018 has clarified / introduced the concept of refund application for multiple tax period. The facility of multiple tax period refund is available only to the specified category of persons. The facility is available only taxpayers who are filing the refund claim for input tax credit accumulated on account of export of goods or services without payment of IGST and input tax credit accumulated on account of supplies of goods and / or services to SEZ unit or SEZ developers without payment of tax.


Multiple tax period refund application is possible only for the following situations:

  1. Export of Goods and services without payment of tax (i.e. without payment of IGST);
  2. Supplies made to Special Economic Zone (SEZ) unit and / or Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Developer without payment of tax.

Form For Filing Multiple Tax Period Refund

Application for filing multiple tax period refund is to be filed in FORM GST-RFD-01A. Application in specified form should be done by selecting a particular tax period.

Filing Form GST RFD 01A

While filing Form GST RFD 01A, the following must be taken into consideration:

  1. Multiple tax period should be within the Financial Year.
  2. Application for the refund needs to be filed in chronological order for tax periods. A declaration ‘No Refund Application’ is to be provided in case refund application for any tax period is not filed.
  3. In order to claim a refund, the applicant should mandatorily upload the invoice details in the statement template available in refund application.
  4. The above statement uploaded by the applicant at the time of filing refund application will be validated by the system on the basis of invoice data provided / declared by the applicant at the time of filing return of corresponding tax period. It should be noted that the applicant would be able to file the refund claim only after validation of data by the system. Entire invoice detail needs to be provided in a single statement. An applicant is not required to upload the multiple statements for different periods.
  5. Once the refund application is filed, an applicant cannot claim a refund of that invoice again in any other refund application. The system will lock the invoice for which refund is claimed in one application. It is important to note here that once the refund is claimed, the applicant will not be able to amend the details of the respective invoice for which refund is already claimed.
  6. Along with the refund, the applicant will able to upload / attach the required other supporting documents. An applicant can attach maximum up to 4 supporting documents and maximum size allowed is 5MB.
  7. Once the refund application in FORM GST-RFD-01A is filed by the applicant along with the required supporting documents, the same will be made available to the tax officer for further review purpose and for further processing of the refund.
  8. It must be noted here that with the availability of the multiple tax period refund, the refund application that was SAVED in the GST system will be purged and removed from the system in order to avoid any duplication.