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Foreign Company Compliance in India

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Foreign Company Compliance in India

Foreign companies registered in India are required to maintain various additional compliances under the Companies Act, 2013. In this article, we look at some of the unique compliance requirements for a foreign company registered in India. 

Form FC-1

Foreign companies registered in India are required to file Form FC-1 within a period of thirty days of the establishment of its place of business in India. The application must be supported with an attested copy of approval from the Reserve Bank of India under the terms of Foreign Exchange Management Act or Regulations, and too from other regulators, if any, sanction is necessary.

Financial Statements

All foreign companies registered in India are required to organize financial statement of its Indian business operations in agreement with Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013. Thus foreign companies are required to furnish the following information / statements together with the financial statements of the company to be filed with the Registrar of Companies:

  • Statement of associated party transaction,
  • Statement of repatriation of profits
  • Statement of transfer of funds (including dividends if any) which shall, in relation of any fund transfer between place of business of foreign company in India and any other related party of the foreign company

The documents that are referred to above in this rule must be delivered to the Registrar of Companies within a period of six months from the end of the financial year of the foreign company.

Audit of Accounts of Foreign Company

All foreign companies must get its accounts, pertaining to the Indian business operations organized in agreement with the necessities of clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 381 and rule 4 and audited by a practicing Chartered Accountant in India or a firm or LLP of practicing Chartered Accountants.

Form FC-3

All foreign companies are required to file with the Registrar of Companies, Form FC-3 detailing the list of places of business of the foreign company along with the financial statements of the company.

Annual Return

Foreign company must prepare and file the annual return of the company in Form FC-4 within a period of sixty days from the final day of its financial year. Any document which should be delivered from a foreign company can be delivered to the Registrar of Companies with jurisdiction over New Delhi.

Authentication of Translated Documents

Documents necessary to be filed with the Registrar of Companies by the foreign company must be in English language. If any translation is made out of India, it must be authenticated by the signature and the seal of the official with custody of the original or a Notary of the country where the company has been incorporated. Where such translation is made in India, it shall be authenticated by an Advocate, attorney or pleader entitled to appear facing any High Court and an affidavit, of a competent person having, in the estimation of the Registrar.

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