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Solved: GST Provisional ID Not Generated or Not Working

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Solved: GST Provisional ID Not Generated or Not Working

An existing taxpayer who is already registered under Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax or Entertainment Tax is migrated to the new GST Platform under a process called enrolment. Enrolment under GST means validating the data of existing taxpayer from legacy system and updating the remaining key information under the new GST system by the taxpayer to prepare for the GST regime in India. In some cases, there could be issues like GST Provisional ID is not generated or not working. In this article, we look at the process for solving such issues.

GST Enrolment using Provisional ID

Existing taxpayers who are already registered under Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax or Entertainment Tax are required to complete the GST enrolment process using a provision ID provided by the respective tax department. All existing taxpayers are required to be enrolled through the GST portal, as it is mandatory for complying under the GST regime by filing GST return, making GST payment, etc.

To enroll under GST, a business must have the following information:

  • Provisional ID received from State/ Central Authorities
  • Password received from the State/ Central Authorities
  • Valid E-mail Address
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC
GST Provisional ID Format
GST Provisional ID Format

In addition to having the above information handy, the following documents are also required:

  1. Proof of Business Incorporation or Registration or Constitution in PDF or JPEG format of less than 1MB size
    • Partnership Deed for Partnership Firms
    • Incorporation Certificate for LLP, Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Company and other types of Companies.
    • Registration Certificate from Concerned Authority for other types of entities.
  2. Photograph of Promoters / Partners / Karta or HUF
  3. Proof of Appointment of Authorised Signatory
  4. Photograph of Authorised Signatory
  5. Opening page of Bank Passbook or Statement with Bank Account Number, Address, Branch and Few Transaction.

With the above details, the existing taxpayer can visit the GST Portal for enrolment under GST.

GST Provisional ID Not Generated

GST enrolment has been very successful and over 83 lakh businesses have already migrated to the new GST platform as of April 30th, 2017 as under:

Sr. No. State Start Date Number of Taxpayers with validated PAN User activated till date Percentage of User Activated
1 Andhra Pradesh 1/1/2017 229,493 203,330 88.60%
2 Arunachal Pradesh 11/30/2016 5,476 1,539 28.10%
3 Assam 11/30/2016 206,034 57,532 27.92%
4 Bihar 11/30/2016 194,495 115,338 59.30%
5 Chandigarh 12/16/2016 16,305 14,844 91.04%
6 Chhattisgarh 11/14/2016 109,055 91,010 83.45%
7 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 11/14/2016 4,389 3,031 69.06%
8 Daman and Diu 11/14/2016 4,803 3,349 69.73%
9 Delhi 12/16/2016 393,200 268,761 68.35%
10 Goa 11/14/2016 25,016 15,742 62.93%
11 Gujarat 11/15/2016 499,823 450,729 90.18%
12 Haryana 12/16/2016 242,527 172,709 71.21%
13 Himachal Pradesh 12/16/2016 66,165 34,056 51.47%
14 Jammu & Kashmir 12/16/2016 58,208 2,866 4.92%
15 Jharkhand 11/30/2016 92,627 57,344 61.91%
16 Karnataka 1/1/2017 550,489 513,426 93.27%
17 Kerala 1/1/2017 263,424 183,014 69.48%
18 Madhya Pradesh 11/30/2016 301,997 251,988 83.44%
19 Maharashtra 11/14/2016 803,261 705,235 87.80%
20 Manipur 11/30/2016 3,940 1,789 45.41%
21 Meghalaya 11/30/2016 24,296 4,711 19.39%
22 Mizoram 11/30/2016 2,313 868 37.53%
23 Nagaland 11/30/2016 4,847 2,829 58.37%
24 Odisha 11/30/2016 175,463 89,870 51.22%
25 Puducherry 11/8/2016 16,450 12,841 78.06%
26 Punjab 12/16/2016 229,541 187,113 81.52%
27 Rajasthan 12/16/2016 564,625 435,382 77.11%
28 Sikkim 11/8/2016 3,119 1,952 62.58%
29 Tamilnadu 1/1/2017 630,251 550,148 87.29%
30 Telangana 1/1/2017 209,863 163,978 78.14%
31 Tripura 11/30/2016 16,630 7,785 46.81%
32 Uttar Pradesh 12/16/2016 812,129 596,283 73.42%
33 Uttarakhand 12/16/2016 104,255 77,491 74.33%
34 West Bengal 11/30/2016 273,823 210,228 76.78%
Total for State VAT Users 7,138,332 5,489,111 76.90%
35 Taxpayers registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT 1/7/2017 55,830 14,486 25.95%
36 Taxpayers registered under Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT 1/20/2017 1,156,337 546,580 47.27%
Total for CBEC Users 1,212,167 561,066 46.29%
Grand Total 8,350,499 6,050,177 72.45%



However, in case your business has not received a GST provisional ID and you have an existing tax registration under Central Excise, Service Tax, VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax or Entertainment Tax, then it is best to contact concerned officer of the tax department.

The following flowchart can be used for understanding the steps to be taken if Provisional ID is not issued.

GST Provisional ID Not Received
GST Provisional ID Not Received

GST Provisional ID Not Working

In case you have obtained a GST provisional ID and the ID is not working during the enrolment process, then you can follow the following steps for troubleshooting:

Check if a Provisional ID is issued for your PAN by using the Check Registration Status tool on the GST Portal. In case the GST provision ID is not working during the enrolment process, then the GST provisional ID could also be cancelled, expired, or inactive. By using the Check Registration Status tool, you can see the following statues:

Provisional: It indicates that Provisional ID is issued but Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer is yet to be filed after attaching digital signatures.

Pending for Verification: It indicates that application submitted is successfully, however validation by the system with external agencies is under processing. The status will get updated once verification is completed.

Validation against Error: The PAN details entered does not match with CBDT database. Kindly fill the details as per PAN details and resubmit the form.

Migrated:  The application has been successfully migrated under GST. No changes can be done to the Application now. Provisional Registration certificate shall be made available at the portal after appointed date i.e. the date on which GST Act will come into force.

Cancelled: Existing Registration is cancelled, therefore, Provisional ID stands cancelled.

The ‘Cancelled’ status indicates that Provisional ID was generated and issued but later on cancelled. It could be due to the fact that your existing registration got cancelled. In case, it is not correct. Its best to approach the respective Tax Department and check the reasons.

GST Provisional Email ID and Password Not Working

In case the Provisional ID and the password are showing as mismatch, then the following steps can be followed for solving the error.

GST Password Not Working
GST Password Not Working


In case you are not still not able to complete GST enrolment, checkout the IndiaFilings GST Portal or contact an IndiaFilings GST Expert.

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