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EVC Generation Through Net Banking


EVC Generation Through Net Banking

Taxpayers who have a taxable income which exceeds the basic exemption limit are required to file an income tax return every financial year. The return should be filed before the due date specified in the Income Tax Act. For taxpayers who are not required to undergo a tax audit, the due date is generally 31st July. When a taxpayer files income tax returns, the returns should be verified to ensure that the information transmitted in the return has been furnished with the knowledge and assent of the taxpayer. In the initial days of the introduction of the concept of verification, the taxpayer had to send a copy of the acknowledgement to the Centralised Processing Centre (CPC), Bengaluru. However, in the present-day scenario of ubiquitous adoption of digital technology, verifying of tax returns has been made easier than before, on account of the e-verification facility provided by the Income Tax Department. Earlier, after filing an income tax return, the taxpayer would have to send a physical copy of the signed ITR-V acknowledgement to the CPC in Bangalore. Now, the verification can be completed through EVC or e-verification. In this article, we discuss the procedure for EVC generation through net banking.

EVC Generation

The generation of Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is a prerequisite for the verification of returns. This code is obtained through any of the following means:

  • E-mail ID and mobile number
  • Aadhar Card
  • Net-banking
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Bank account details
  • Demat account

Generating EVC Through Net-banking

The following procedure will enable you to generate EVC through net-banking and e-verify your returns:

Step 1:- Visit the official e-filing website of the Income Tax Department.

Step 2:- You will find three options on the top right corner of the page. Choose “Register user” if you have not registered into the portal. If registered, click the “Login Here” option.

EVC generation through net-banking

Step 3:- If you have clicked “Login here”, you will be directed to the login page, wherein you will be required to furnish your “User ID” and “Password”, along with the “Captcha code” in the given space. Click “Login” to log in to the page.

EVC generation through net-banking

Note: – The username will be your PAN number

Step 4:- Choose “View Returns/Forms” tab in the succeeding page.

EVC generation through net-banking

Step 5:- On the next page, choose “Click here to view tour returns pending for e-verification” option, which facilitates the viewing of returns pending to be verified.

EVC generation through net-banking

Step 6:- Upon getting a list of returns pending to be verified, select the “e-verify” option that can be found adjacent to the respective returns.

EVC generation through net-banking

Step 7:- The next page will give you three choices, among which you should choose “Option 2- I do not have an EVC and I would like to generate EVC to e-verify my return” option (Option 1 and 3 may be chosen if you have already derived your EVC and to generate EVC through Aadhar, respectively).

EVC generation through net-banking

Step 8:- Among the choices provided in the next page, choose “EVC-Through Net Banking” option.

Step 9:- You will be taken to a page which depicts the procedure to conduct e-verification through this facility. Press “Continue” to visit the net-banking page.

EVC generation through net-banking

Step 10:- Choose your preferred bank among the choices specified.

EVC Generation through net-banking

Step 11:- Comply with the steps as depicted in the net-banking page of the bank to obtain EVC and complete the process of verification.