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Cream and Fudge Franchise

Cream and Fudge Franchise

Cream and Fudge Franchise

Indulge yourself with the creamiest ice cream on the Earth

Franchise businesses are flourishing splendidly and have become a great source of income for many entrepreneurs. One such popular and fast-growing opportunity in India is that of an ice cream franchise opportunity. Ice creams are no longer just a dessert menu but a new and a growing trend, which made Global Franchise Architects (GFA) bring Cream and Fudge inside India. Cream & Fudge was first launched in Bangkok and became a part of the Global Franchise Architects (GFA) portfolio that is specialized in franchising unique food service brands, developing and adapting them to local markets in several countries. In this article, we look at the details that are required to become a Cream and Fudge Franchise partner.

Cream and Fudge Concept 

Cream and Fudge offers premium smooth and creamy ice cream that are made fresh on-site, where customers can select their favourite flavours. It serves hand-fold ice-cream mixed on a marble slab with the additive of nuts, fruits, candies, cookies and fudge that are chosen by the customers themselves. Also, Cream & Fudge has its own menu of innovative creations available for customers to delight in.

Cream and Fudge Franchise

Cream and Fudge was established in the year 2005 believing that ice cream would be the future F&B (Food & Beverage) trend.  The company expanded its business through franchise outlets and company-owned outlets.

Franchisor Expectations

Cream and Fudge does not necessitate a franchisee to have any direct previous experience in the food and beverage industry. Above all, the company looks for 3 Cs in each partner to become a successful Cream and Fudge franchise partner.


Capital is key for any business to present their brand in the market and to reach wide the customers.


Cream and Fudge look for entrepreneurs with a sincere commitment or highly motivated organisations to ensure consistent customer satisfaction as Food and beverages services is an industry that requires intense attention.


A capable team is obligatory, without which even the best systems fail to execute well. Cream and Fudge guarantees to develop managers for the franchisees with its futuristic systems and training curriculum.

Cream and Fudge Franchise Advantages

  • At Cream and Fudge, over 200 skilled and experienced people strive continuously to deliver the best on behalf of franchisee with its proven systems and advanced infrastructure.
  • The stores are all certified of the highest international standard – ISO 9001-2008.
  • Another advantage of Cream & Fudge is that it offers the option of constructing combination stores – stores that merge one or more brands in the same store to offer more choices to the customers and optimise the revenue.

Cream and Fudge Franchise Details


Area Requirement 250 sq.ft
Frontage 10 ft
APPROX Investment Rs. 12 lacs
Gross Margin 65%
Civil Interior 200000
Branding 100000
Equipment’s 375000
Furniture 0
Stock 75000
Pre Opening Expenses 50000
Power Back Up 0
POS 50000
Franchisee Fee 350000
Total Investment (approx) 1200000



Area Requirement 500 sq.ft
Frontage 15 ft
APPROX Investment Rs. 20 lacs
Gross Margin 65%
Civil Interior 450000
Branding 175000
Equipment’s 400000
Furniture 125000
Stock 150000
Pre Opening Expenses 50000
Power Back Up 200000
POS 50000
Franchisee Fee 400000
Total Investment (approx) 2000000


  • All the figures except fee are approximate and will differ based on the size and location of the outlet.
  • GFA reserves the right to change the investment without prior notice.
  • Projected investment does not include the cost of real estate, rent deposit, brokerage etc,.
  • Miscellaneous Licenses are extra that should be borne by the franchisee.
  • In India, Service Tax is as applicable.
  • Cream & Fudge will provide the franchise partner with a full list of equipment necessary to open a shop that can be purchased locally.

Connect With Cream and Fudge

To become a part of Cream and Fudge Franchise business opprtunity, Click here.

Cream and Fudge Franchise
Cream and Fudge Franchise

Step-by-Step process of Franchise Approval:

Step 1: The applicant desiring to partner with Cream and Fudge has to apply using franchise application.

Step 2: The Franchise system reviews the Franchise application and the financial capability of the applicant.

Step 3: An interview is scheduled for the applicant franchise during which the development plan has to be submitted.

Step 4: On reviewing the development plan, the approval for the franchisee will be issued.

Step 5: Then the Franchisee partner is awarded the Franchisee license after signing the agreement.

Support for Franchisee

Each franchisee is responsible for building their team as well as an infrastructure to implement their business. However, from the time a franchisee sign the contract to opening the store, Cream & Fudge will provide continuous support that even continues during operation through continuous monitoring of the store. This helps the franchise partners to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • The specially trained Business Development team of Cream and Fudge offer assistance by conducting detailed surveys to study the market.
  • Site Evaluation prior approving any location
  • Store Development oversees the design and layout of the store to exemplify the brand.
  • Human Resources help in recruiting staff.
  • Information Technology manages and tracks sales.
  • The GFA Academy offers managerial and technical courses.
  • Onsite training by experienced professionals and opening assistance to open a new store is provided.
  • Cream and Fudge issues operating standards manuals.
  • Professional graphical designers offer marketing support to promote the business.
  • Research and Development support to innovate and introduce new products to enhance quality of food offerings.
  • Training on financial courses for the partner is offered to incur financial knowledge for successful running of the business.