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Cardless Withdrawal – YONO App

Cardless Withdrawl

Cardless Withdrawal – YONO App

The State Bank of India (SBI) initiated a digital banking platform YONO (You Only Need One) to withdraw cash from ATMs without ATM cards. It also provides other services like cash service, business transactions, and purchasing products through e-commerce platforms for SBI customers. The YONO is built on Android and iOS platform to provide a simple solution for a variety of financial services.

Objectives of YONO

  • The primary goal of YONO is to provide cardless transactions at ATM centres
  • To encourage users towards digital transaction platform
  • Eliminate the possible risks associated with withdrawals from ATM
  • To reduce time and acts as a primary source during emergencies if ATM card is not available
  • To reduces the risk of fraudulent activities like cloning and skimming

Features of YONO

  • Any savings account holder can withdraw cash at the ATMs of the bank without using a debit card
  • It is a digital banking platform for SBI customers and can be used on smartphones to make transactions and payments
  • The cashless withdrawal service is available across 16,500 SBI ATMs across the country
  • It is also possible to perform banking transactions like opening Fixed Deposit, applying for credit cards, insurance, investments and loans
  • Provides option to purchase products through other e-commerce web portals
  • Increase investments and manage funds from other SBI accounts
  • Provision to book air, train and bus tickets

Steps to Withdraw Cash from an ATM Without a Debit Card using Phone

To use the YONO application, the SBI user should have registered with the SBI internet web portal.

Step 1: At the first step, log into the Yono app using the login ID and password of the bank

YONO login page
YONO login page

Step 2: Set up a six-digit MPIN for future logins

Create 6 digit pin
Create 6 digit pin

Step 3: To withdraw cash from ATM centres without ATM cards, Click on Yono cash

Yono Cash
Yono Cash

Step 4: Click on the ATM section and enter the amount to be withdrawn. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs.500 and maximum withdrawal limit of Rs. 10,000 per transaction.

Step 5: A cash transaction number will be sent to the registered mobile number. The transaction number and PIN can be used at Yono Cash points (cardless transaction enabled ATMs) for withdrawal.

Note: The number will remain valid for four hours. Partial withdrawals cannot be made using the same reference number.

Step 6: Choose the option Card less transaction at the Yono cash point and enter the details. The app also gives an option to account holders to locate the nearest card-less transaction enabled ATMs.

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