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Bamboo Technology Park

Bamboo is a versatile, eco-friendly resource with a wide range of industrial applications. Its commercial potential has given the nickname ‘Green Gold’. Development of the bamboo industry will provide a boost to the country’s rural economy, particularly in the thickly forested areas of the North East region. This is achieved by offering support to the MSMEs of the Bamboo sector.

Bamboo Technology Park in Assam

The Bamboo Technology Park Limited (BTP) is a not-for-profit company established in the year 2010. Assam Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), in collaboration with a few private enterprises is the primary promoter of the park. The project is implemented by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, funded through the Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS). The primary objective of the BTP scheme is to improve infrastructure in underserved areas. It is implemented through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed by industry clusters or associations.

The Bamboo Park is also well connected through rail and road networks. For enterprises engaged in the bamboo industry, the park offers the following services:

  • Common facilities that can be used on payment of a certain fee fixed regularly by the park
  • Land for lease within the park to set up production units for value-added bamboo products

For smaller units that need modern machinery for manufacture or processing, the BTP offers the latest equipment at nominal rates fixed from time to time.

For bigger enterprises willing to set up their own units within the park, the location offers excellent connectivity with other north-eastern states and also the rest of the country. An adequate supply of power and water is another advantage. Round the clock security, manned gates, and earth-filled plots are other features on offer.

Facilities Available

The bamboo technology park in Chaygaon provides the following facilities for MSEs:

  • Quality infrastructure
  • Latest equipment
  • Exhibition space
  • Information on modern technology
  • Improves market access.
  • It offers a convenient location for sharing innovative ideas
  • Best practices in the bamboo industry

Some state-of-the-art facilities and machinery available at the tech park include,

Bamboo stick-making facility: This facility has different machines to perform specialised functions like cross-cutting, splitting, slicing, sizing, polishing, and drying. The output envisioned for this facility includes products like incense sticks, match sticks, brooms, toothpicks, chopsticks, mats, blinds, pencils and handicrafts.

Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC) facility: BPC is a mixture of bamboo fibre and plastic granules. A great way to utilise plastic waste, it is a biodegradable, eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant material. It is used for flooring, fencing, and making outdoor furniture. The BPC facility houses these machines,

  • Bamboo crusher
  • Pulveriser
  • Dryer
  • Granulator
  • Extruder
  • Recycle crusher
  • Embossing machine
  • Brushing & sanding machine
  • Mixing unit

Strand woven bamboo block unit: Stand woven bamboo is a strong, resilient material that is almost twice as hard as oak wood. It is mostly used for indoor flooring in commercial spaces.

Vacuum pressure treatment plant: Vacuum treatment of bamboo makes it resistant to fungal growth, insect attack and premature decay. Products made from treated bamboo are stronger, more durable and last long.

Resin/Glue Plant: Resin binds bamboo fibres in strand woven blocks. Having a resin plant and a stand woven block unit in the same premises cuts down on transportation or storage costs.

Bamboo charcoal plant: Bamboo charcoal is an eco-friendly alternative to regular charcoal. It helps in water purification and odour adsorption. This facility has two machines namely, bamboo briquette and mechanical kiln.

Administrative and marketing centre: this facility includes a product design centre for budding entrepreneurs, an R&D centre to provide access to the latest technology, a conference hall for business purposes, and an exhibition hall for showcasing products. Apart from this, there is also a canteen and accommodation for overnight stay.

Procedure to Use BTP Facilities

For companies looking to use common processing equipment, the facilities listed above are available to all bamboo enterprises including SMEs

  1. Payment of a user fee determined and updated from time to time by the bamboo technology park
  2. For companies looking to set up production or business units within the park, the land is allotted through a transparent bidding process.
  3. Bid notice with the details of the land available is published offline and online on the website:
  4. Interested companies must go through the details carefully before preparing their bids.
  5. On payment of a certain fee fixed by the BTP, the interested parties can access the bid document containing the terms and conditions.
  6. Sealed bids must be submitted within the specified window of time before the bid is closed.
  7. After the bid is opened, the land is allotted to the highest bidder after the verification process to check whether the terms and conditions are satisfied.
  8. Monthly maintenance charges and lease rental are fixed by the BTP.

Advantages of Bamboo for MSMEs

  • Fast growth: Being the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo can be quickly replenished. It is a renewable, eco-friendly raw material.
  • High yield: Its high yield ensures profitability and good returns on investment.

Variety of uses: To name a few, bamboo is used to make furniture, handicrafts, musical instruments, incense sticks, baskets, mats, blinds and other household articles. It is also a green construction material used for roofing or flooring and is a common ingredient in East Asian cuisine.

The North-Eastern states account for about 66% of India’s bamboo production. Assam, being the largest producer of bamboo in India, is home to many MSMEs engaged in this industry. Bamboo has a special place in the economy and the culture of the state. Most of the Micro enterprises are located in villages, engaged in the basket and mat industry.

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