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Mahila Coir Yojana

Mahila Coir Yojana

Mahila Coir Yojana

Mahila Coir Yojana is a welfare scheme which aims to provide self-employment opportunities to the rural women artisans in coir producing regions. Under this scheme, Under MCY, the Coir Board provides 75% cost of motorised Ratt/motorised traditional Ratt as a one-time subsidy, subject to a maximum limit of Rs.7,500 for motorised Ratt and Rs.3,200 for motorised traditional and Electronic Ratt. In this article, we look at the Mahila Coir Yojana in detail.

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Eligibility Criteria

Any Women artisans who have completed the training programme in the spinning of coir yarn through any of the training centres of the Coir Board is eligible to apply for the scheme.

Coverage of the Scheme

Mahila Coir Yojana will be covered in coir producing coastal States such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Lakshadweep, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, West Bengal and North East Region.

Subsidy Rate

The subsidy allowed for procurement of various spinning equipment is tabulated below.

S.No  Machinery  Items Machinery  Contribution Maximum subsidy
1. Electronic Ratt 25% of the cost Rs.3,200 (75% of the purchasing cost of Rs.3,200 whichever is less)
2. Motorized Electronic Ratt 25% of the cost Rs.3,200 (75% of the purchasing cost of Rs.3,200 whichever is less)
3. Motorized Ratt 25% of the cost Rs.7,500 (75% of the purchasing cost of Rs.7500 whichever is less)

Note: The Board will also provide the following machinery in subsidised rate to the women who have completed the training programme.

S.No Machinery Items Indicative Rate Maximum Subsidy
1. Willowing machine Rs.35,000 Rs.7500
2. Anugraha Loom for weaving Coir Geotextiles & matting Rs.45,000 Rs.7500
3. Cotton Handloom Stitching machine & accessories for manufacturing Janatha Mattress Rs.45,000 Rs.7500
4. Single head automatic yarn spinning Rs.50,000 Rs.7500
5. Manufacture of frame mats, SS dye Vatt 10 kg -1 no., Salem charka – 2 sets Rs.45,000 Rs.7500
6. Hand press garden articles making the unit Rs.50,000 Rs.7500
7. Brush making unit with twisted wire Rs.45,000 Rs.7500
8. Coir pith compost unit with accessories Rs.50,000 Rs.7500
9. Coir wood moulded articles manufacturing unit. Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
10. Coir handicraft and jewellery manufacturing unit including dye Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
11. Unit for Stitching of Umbrella/Coir BagsJacket/Chapels/Curtain etc. Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
12. Manual Dyeing / Bleaching Unit Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
13. Coir craft Article making unit Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
14. Mats/ Matting Unit Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
15. Kitchen garden Unit kit with accessories Rs. 10,000 Rs.7500
16. Coco Pole and Pot making Unit Rs. 50,000 Rs.7500
17. Any other machinery or unit approved by the Board and suitable to create employment opportunities for women. After proper evaluation amount will be fixed by the Board. 75% of the total cost of machinery.

Release of Subsidy

Each beneficiary will be provided with only one MR/MTR/Electronic Ratt and other machinery/equipment under the MCY scheme. Motorised traditional ratt/Motorised ratt/Electronic ratt and other equipment/machinery will be given only to those who have completed the respective training successfully. The assistance allocated from the Coir Board will be in the form of a one-time subsidy subject to 75% of the cost of the MR/MTR/Electronic ratt. The remaining amount has to be raised by the beneficiary through her sources/financial institutions/voluntary organizations.

 Note: The beneficiary selected under the scheme should not mortgage the Motorised traditional ratt/Motorised ratt/Electronic ratt and other machinery/equipment except to financing institution/other agency from whom the loan or grant for procurement of machinery availed.

Application Procedure

To apply for the Mahila Coir Yojana, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: The beneficiary should prepare the records which include the cost of the machinery, specification, source of amount sanctioned to the authorized officer and quantum of subsidy under the scheme.

Step 2: The separate bank account should be opened for the Mahila Coir Yojana transactions by the RO/SRO.

Step 3: The beneficiary of the MCY scheme will open a separate account in a post office or scheduled bank in the region and deposit beneficiary contribution in the account. The respective cheque book and passbook of the beneficiary will be maintained in the implementing office of the Board.

 Step 4: The motors or spares of machinery supplied by the manufacturers should be as per specifications stipulated by BIS.

 Step 6: The beneficiary contribution will be remitted by the beneficiary in a separate account. The proof of remittance of beneficiary contribution along with the invoice for supply of the machinery from the manufacturer according to the choice of the beneficiary will be collected by the RO/Sub-RO and kept for the audit of Coir Board and C&AG.

Step 7: The RO/ SRO will submit the request with the beneficiary contribution details to Head Office for releasing subsidy amount, and Head Office will sanction the amount to concerned RO/SRO. The RO/SRO will issue subsidy to beneficiary account as per Scheme norms.

 Step 8: Upon receipt of sanction letter and the subsidy amount from Head Office by the Sub-RO or RO, the manufacturer should supply the machinery to the beneficiaries and then the inspection will take place by the officials of Coir Board for approval of the standards and quality of the equipment.

Step 9: Upon completion of the inspection by the Sub Regional Office or Regional Office performance certificate/bill/receipt has to be obtained from the beneficiary.

 Step 10: The RO/Sub-RO will distribute subsidy amount for the cost of the machinery supplied to the beneficiary.

 Step 11: The manufacturer will receive the amount from the beneficiary immediately through DD/cheque/online transfer. Step 10: The machinery will be supplied to beneficiaries will be made by the Coir Board in two months from the completion of the training.

 Step 12: The RO/ SRO will have to submit the expenditure statement along with utilization certificate to Head Office for settlement.

 Step 13: The inspection of the machinery will be made by the technical officers of RO/SROs, and inspection will be made by CCRI/CICT to confirm the technical specifications/performance, and the final decision will be decided by Chairman, Coir Board, wherever necessary.

 Step 14: Any delay in the supply of machinery by the Machinery Manufacturer will result in blacklisting of the manufacturers, cancellation of orders and other legal action.

Step 15: A committee consisting of the Regional Officers nominated, Joint Director, CCRI/CICT and an Officer of the Accounts Wing of the Board will review the cost of the machinery for finalizing the cost with the approval of Chairman, Coir Board.