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Assam Occupancy Certificate

Assam Occupancy Certificate

Assam Occupancy Certificate

In the state of Assam, an occupancy certificate is a legal document officially certifying that the construction of a building complies with the approved plans. The Department of Guwahati Municipal Corporation which is regulated under the Government of Assam issues occupancy certificate only if the constructed building is in the appropriate condition for residency. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Assam occupancy certificate in detail.

Guwahati Building Bye-Laws, 2006

As per the provisions Guwahati Building Bye-Laws, 2006, an application form has to be submitted after the completion of the building for granting of the occupancy certificate. The sanctioning officer after inspecting the premises may issue or reject the occupancy within forty-five days from the time of receipt of the application received.

Purpose for Occupancy Certificate

An occupancy certificate holds the following purposes:

  • Occupancy certificate acts as legal identification for utilising a property.
  • Occupancy certificate helps in requiring income-tax benefits on house loans, in addition to the provision of house loan report.
  • Occupancy certificate serves to acquire an electricity supply connection or water connection/sanitary connection.
  • Occupancy certificate assists a person in obtaining a certified copy of the deed.
  • The document is expected at the time of purchasing or selling a property.

Occupancy Certificate and Completion Certificate

Completion Certificate: On conclusion of the construction, the developer or the landlord of the premises has to appeal for a Completion Certificate to the local municipal officials. If the developed building suits as per the declared norms, the qualified officer will issue a copy of the completion certificate.

Occupancy Certificate: Once the applicant acquires the Completion Certificate, they have to further apply for an Occupation Certificate from the local municipal officials.

Occupancy certificate certifies that the building has complied with all the essential building rules and regulations. This certificate is distributed by the local municipal corporation officer or by the department of urban local bodies that provide no objection to the buildings as per the prescribed laws. An Occupancy Certificate is granted if the construction has been completed in all phases.

Eligibility Criteria

The person applying for the occupancy certificate should have already completed the building construction with a building permit from Guwahati Municipal Corporation.

Documents Required

The necessary documents are to be furnished along for obtaining occupancy certificate.

  • Certificate from the Chief Electrical Inspector and Adviser of Assam.
  • No Objection Certificate for License to handle the Lift from the Chief Inspector of Lifts and Escalators of Assam.
  • No Objection Certificate from the Director of Fire and Emergency Services of Assam.
  • Completion certificate submitted by Registered Technical Personnel.
  • Building Completion Certificate by Architect on Record, Form No. 12.
  • Building Completion Certificate by Construction Engineer on Record, Form No. 13.
  • Building Completion Certificate by Structural Engineer on Record, Form No. 14.
  • Detail Report from RTP / Owner as per as built plan in the prescribed form.
  • O.C. from Director of Fire Services where applicable.
  • Lift Inspector’s Report / Certificate.
  • Certificate from Chief Electrical Advisor.
  • Photographs of building and site showing dustbin, trees and Rainwater Harvesting.
  • The Roadside drain along with the Road is to be constructed at the cost of the builder connecting the main outlet of the area.
  • Clearance from Assam Ground Water Control & Regulation Authority to be obtained for boring for extraction of water.
  • For building above seven-storied, Party shall submit detail structural design for proof checking by SDRP at least one month before the start of construction.
  • Form No. 27 to be provided by the applicant and Registered Technical Personnel jointly for Occupancy Certificate.

Registration Fee

The applicant can register for occupancy certificate in Assam without remitting any fee for the application form.

Registration Procedure of Occupancy Certificate

The applicant can obtain an occupancy certificate in the Assam by following the below-mentioned steps:

Visit the Official Portal

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Guwahati Municipal Corporation to download the application form for an occupancy certificate.

Fill the Occupancy Application Form

Step 2: The application form should be recorded with appropriate details as needed in the form.

Attach the Scanned Documents

Step 3: After filling the form with specific information, the applicant has to attach the documents that are specified in the checklist.

Present the Application

Step 4: Then submit the fulfilled application form to the Chief Executive Officer, Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority.

Make Payment

Step 5: Upon submission, one needs to make payment for the issuance of occupancy certificate.

Receive Acknowledgement Slip

Step 6: Then the applicant can receive acknowledgement slip for further reference.

Collection of Occupancy Certificate

Step 7: Once submitted, the concerned authority will check the application form. After verification, the corresponding occupancy certificate can be collected from the relevant authority.

Inspection Process

After making application, the field engineer will inspect the construction of building with twenty-one days and will submit a report on the following cases:

  • Presence of Rain Water Harvesting provision.
  • Availability of Parking Space in the area provided as per drawing.
  • Segregation of Waste and handover of waste to the authorised NGOs.
  • Plantation of minimum ten numbers of evergreen trees inside the plot.

Upon submission of the report by the field engineer, the occupancy certificate is issued to the applicant.

Issuance of Certificate

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation will review the application and reports submitted and check the documents proposed whether the produced application form serves the terms and conditions listed under the Guwahati building bye-laws. If certified after verification the concerned authority will grant the copy of occupancy certificate.

Refusal of Certificate

In verifying, the application proposed does not satisfy the following conditions stated in the bye-laws then the sanctioning authority may reject to grant the certificate. Then the applicant is responsible for resubmitting the application by making changes in the form within the specified time limit.

Processing Time

The occupancy certificate will be granted within forty-five days in case of permit for building and in the case of the normal process for permitting the plan of building the document will be issued within in thirty days from the date of application.

Renewal of Certificate

In Assam, occupancy certificate is valid for one year of the date of issue. Therefore, it has to be renewed every year on the payment of such renewal fee for certificate registration. If renewal is not utilised within the validity period, then 15% of the renewal fee per annum will be imposed.