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Assam Land Holding Certificate

Assam Land Holding Certificate

Assam Land Holding Certificate

Assam land holding certificate is a proof of ownership of land. When a person is holding this certificate, he has the right to transfer the possession to other parties. The Sub Registrar Officer issues this document to the owner of the registered land as proof of ownership with no mortgage on it. Land holding certificate is the prima facie evidence of the truth of the matters contained in the land records. The certificate includes a description of the property with details of boundaries, name and address of the owner and the covenants affecting it. In this article, we will look at the procedure to obtain Assam Land Holding Certificate in detail.

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Benefits of Obtaining Assam Land Holding Certificate

Importance of obtaining Assam Land Holding Certificate is explained in detail below:

  • For selling and buying agriculture land on the occasional basis or regular basis, these documents have to be furnished.
  • Land Holding Certificate is mandatory for obtaining the loan on the movable or immovable property.
  • This land holding certificate is saving the owner from fraud and misappropriation.
  • Land Holding certificate is protecting the landowner from other litigation.
  • If the property tax is not paid, holding certificate needs to be produced with concerned Officer for updating the land tax records.

Details in Holding Certificate

Assam land holding certificate depicts unique information about the land. The below-given further information relating to the property will be provided in the landholding certificate.

  • Landholding gives the information regarding the number of the owner of the land
  • Assam land holding certificate contains detail of the possession or cultivation of land
  • This document provides the information about the physical location of land – Village details
  • The details of owners of property such as the name of owner his/ her father and grandfather will also be provided in holding the certificate.
  • Some landholding that is Khasra number will be recorded in landholding certificate.
  • Total area, type of land and status of ownership details will be available in this document.

Eligibility Criteria

Assam land holding certificate will be issued only if there is no dispute regarding its ownership and the concerned land should not Assam Government land or assigned land belonging to the Government.

Documents Required

The following supporting documents need to be submitted for obtaining Assam land holding certificate.

  • Application form
  • Land documents or Land Deed
  • Any other documents such as Trace map, etc.
  • Latest Revenue tax receipt

Processing Time

The time required for the complete process of issuing Assam land holding certificate after the submission of application form is 30 days.

Applicable Fee

For processing Assam land holding certificate, a service charge of Rs.50 needs to pay.

Applying Land Holding Certificate through CSC

Procedure for applying Assam Land Holding certificate through CSC is explained in detail below.

Step 1: Applicant has to approach the nearest CSC centre, for applying land holding certificate.

Submit an Application

Step 2:  The applicant needs to submit an application in prescribed format along with documents for landholding certificate at CSC Centre. Provide details of land such as Revenue Village Number, Name, Patta Number, Dag Number, Land Class, AREA, Applicant details and Reason for applying the certificate.


Fee Payment

Step 3: Pay the applicable fee to the CSC operator for processing land holding certificate and issue the same. Get acknowledgement slip with application number from CSC operator. Note this unique application number for future reference.

Land Holding Certificate Processing

Step 4: The request for landholding certificate will be processed online through Assam Revenue Department. Landholding certificate application status will be updated through SMS.

Step 5: The concerned authority, i.e., Sub Registrar officer, will process the landholding certificate online and after successful verification, SRO will approve the landholding certificate request.

Once the request for a certificate is accepted, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number as the application has been approved.

Get Land Holding Certificate

Once SRO approves the request, then the Land Holding Certificate can be obtained from CSC centre. Provide application number and get your Land Holding certificate.

Applying for Land Holding Certificate Online

Land Holding certificate can be obtained online via the Assam e-District portal. Here is a step by step guide for getting the Assam Land Holding Certificate.

Step 1: Access main page of the Official website of Government of Assam.

User Registration

Step 2: You have to register in the portal for availing certificate services (apply holding certificate). Click on sign-in option from home page.

Image 1 Assam Land Holding Certificate
Image 1 Assam Land Holding Certificate

Step 3: By clicking on this, the link will be redirected to the login page, click on Create account option for the register in the e-District portal.

Image 2 Assam Land Holding Certificate
Image 2 Assam Land Holding Certificate

Step 4: Provide details such as Name, Gender, Email ID, and Date of Birth for registration. After entering the text verification code click on save button.

Image 3 Assam Land Holding Certificate
Image 3 Assam Land Holding Certificate

Login to the Portal

Step 5: Upon registration, the activation link will be sent to the registered mail ID. Click on that, your account will be activated. You can now log in to the Assam e-District portal using username and password.

Image 4 Assam Land Holding Certificate
Image 4 Assam Land Holding Certificate

Provide Land Details

Step 6: After login to the portal, select certificate service as Assam Land Holding Certificate. The link will be redirected to the next page.

  • Revenue Village Number and Name
  • Patta Number
  • Dag Number
  • Land Class
  • Area
  • Applicant details
  • Reason for applying the certificate

You can save the entered details by clicking on save and next button.

Make Payment

Step 7: You can make fee payment online by a secured payment gateway, through Assam online page.

Step 8: The payment can be made directly to the Government online account and subsequently the applicable fee will be transferred to concerned Treasury.

Step 9: After a successful payment, a receipt will be generated, and the task will be redirected to the concerned sub-registrar’s login.

Status of Application

Once an application for holding certificate is submitted online and prescribed fees are paid, concern SRO will process the landholding certificate and issue the same. You can track the application status online via Assam e-District Portal.

Image 5 Assam Land Holding Certificate
Image 5 Assam Land Holding Certificate

Provide application number and click on status, landholding certificate application status will be displayed.

View and Download Certificate

Once the concerned authority approves the request, the landholding certificate will be digitally signed by Sub-Registrar. Approved certificate number will be updated through registered mail ID.

Image 6 Assam Land Holding Certificate
Image 6 Assam Land Holding Certificate

You can download digitally signed land holding certificate from the e-District portal. Provide certificate number and click on submit. After verifying all details in the certificate download Assam Land Holding certificate.

Note: It is recommended that while purchasing any land it should be ensured that transaction entry has been made in records of concerned Holding Certificate.