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Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Assam Land Valuation Certificate

The Government of Assam fixes the value of land in Assam from time to time. Property registration charges and the stamp duty are decided based on the unit rates of land maintained by the State Government. Land values managed by the Government will be revised periodically according to the market value of the property. Assam Land Valuation Certificate is used to prove the fair value of the land in a particular area of a District. This article demonstrated the procedure for obtaining Assam Land Valuation Certificate in detail.

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Importance of Land Valuation Certificate

Importance of obtaining Assam land valuation certificate is explained in detail here

  • The land valuation certificate is used to get property description details recorded on the Registration of Property.
  • This certificate provides the details regarding the valuation of current land value as on date.
  • The Land valuation certificate also gives the year of valuation and the time of assessment.
  • Land valuation certificate is one of the essential documents to obtain property loan from the bank.

Note: It is recommended for landowners to check and obtain a land valuation certificate for every 3 to 5 years.

Zonal valuation of land

The Government of Assam has implemented the Objective Valuation Method (OVM) for fixation of the value of the property of the town areas and the rural areas. In this connection, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the State Government formed District Level Land Valuation Committee with Deputy Commissioners and all Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil) in each district. This committee fixes the zonal valuation of the land with their respective jurisdiction.

The zonal valuation of land has been approved and notified by the Department in respect of Sibs agar and Tinsukia Districts. Once this objective valuation of land is fixed, the assessment of the stamp duty will be on the market value of the property so set and it will not be possible to evade stamp duties and registration fees at the time of transactions.

Documents Required

The following documents must be submitted for obtaining land valuation certificate in Assam.

  • Copy of Application form
  • Jamabandi Copy
  • Up-to-date Land Revenue Receipt (Khajana Receipt)
  • Land documents/ Land Deed
  • Zonal Value Statement
  • Any other documents (Trace map, etc.)

Processing Time

Land valuation certificate will be issued within 20 days from the date of application.

Applying Land Valuation Certificate through CSC

Procedure for applying Land Valuation certificate through CSC is explained in detail below.

Step 1: Applicant has to approach the nearest CSC centre.

Submit an Application

Step 2:  The applicant needs to submit an application in prescribed format for land valuation certificate at CSC Centre. Provide details of land such as Circle Name, Mouza, Revenue village, Patta number and type of Patta.


Fee Payment

Step 3: Pay the applicable fee to the CSC operator for processing land valuation certificate and issue the same. Get acknowledgement slip with application number from CSC operator. Note the application number for future reference.

Land Valuation Certificate Processing

Step 4: The request for land valuation certificate will be processed online through Assam Revenue Department. Land valuation application status will be updated through SMS.

Step 5: The concerned authority, i.e., Sub Registrar officer, will process the Land Valuation certificate online and after successful verification, SRO will approve the Land Valuation certificate request.

Once the certificate request is accepted, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number as the application has been approved.

Get Land Valuation Certificate

Once SRO approves the request, then the Land Valuation Certificate can be obtained from CSC centre. Provide application number and get your Land Valuation certificate.

Applying for Land Valuation Certificate Online

Land Valuation certificate can be obtained online via the Assam e-District portal. Here is a step by step guide for applying the Assam Land Valuation certificate.

Step 1: Access home page of the Official website of Government of Assam.

User Registration

Step 2: You have to register in the portal for availing certificate services (apply valuation certificate). Click on sign-in option from home page.

Image 1 Assam Land Valuation Certificate
Image 1 Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Step 3: By clicking on this, the link will redirect to the login page, click on Create account option for the register in e-District.

Image 2 Assam Land Valuation Certificate
Image 2 Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Step 4: Provide details such as Name, Email ID, Gender and Date of Birth. After entering the text verification code click on save.

Image 3 Assam Land Valuation Certificate
Image 3 Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Login to the Portal

Step 5:  Upon registration, the activation link will be sent to the registered mail ID. Click on that, your account will be activated. You can now log in to the e-District portal using username and password.

Image 4 Assam Land Valuation Certificate
Image 4 Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Provide Land Details

Step 6: After login to the portal, select certificate service as Assam Land Valuation Certificate. The link will be redirected to the next page.

  • Provide Property related details:
  • Circle Name of Land
  • Mouza of Land
  • Revenue Village or Town of land
  • Patta Number
  • Type of Patta

You can save the entered details by clicking on save and next button.

Make Payment

Step 7: You can make fee payment online by a secured payment gateway, through Assam online page.

Step 8: The payment can be made directly to the Government online account and subsequently the applicable fee will be transferred to concerned Treasury.

Step 9: After a successful payment, a receipt will be generated, and the task will be redirected to the concerned sub-registrar’s login.

Status of Application

Once an application for valuation certificate is submitted online and prescribed fees are paid, concern SRO will process the Land Valuation certificate and issue the same. You track the application status online through Assam e-District Portal.

Image 5 Assam Land Valuation Certificate
Image 5 Assam Land Valuation Certificate

Provide application number and click on status, land valuation application status will be displayed.

View and Download Approved Certificate

Once the concerned authority approves the request, the Land Valuation certificate will be digitally signed by Sub-Registrar. Approved certificate number will be updated through registered mail ID.

Image 6 Assam Land Valuation Certificate
Image 6 Assam Land Valuation Certificate

You can download digitally signed land valuation certificate from the e-District portal. Provide certificate number and click on submit. After verifying all details in the certificate download Assam Land Valuation certificate.

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