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Assam Caste Certificate

Special provisions are available in India to certain classes of people who are not adequately represented in the country such as Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe, and Other Backward Class. Caste certificate is a legal document that acts as evidence of a person belonging to a particular caste. Especially people belonging to the backward classes should possess a caste certificate to avail various privileges provided by the Government. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining an Assam caste certificate.

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Purpose of Caste Certificate

Caste certificate plays an important role in availing quotas set certain educational institutions and Government entities. Students require a caste certificate for admission in school/college or to avail scholarships offered by the Government.

In terms of employment, caste certificate is obligatory for job seekers, who apply for Government jobs as appointments under reserved quotas. Further, disbursement of Government certain subsidies for special reservations requires a caste certificate.

Documents Required

The applicant should furnish the following documents at the time of applying for the Assam caste certificate:

  1. Caste certificate of father or any supporting proof of caste/affidavit by the applicant or parent in lieu of the certificate.
  2. If the applying individual is from the urban area, requires a report of Ward Commissioner.
  3. In the case of the applicant from the rural area requires a report from Gaonburah. (If the parent of the applicant has already been issued SC Caste certificate, the recommendation of the Ward Commissioner/Gaonburah can be skipped).
  4. Domicile certificate or any other proof of residency.
  5. Applicant’s passport size photo.
  6. Recommendation of President/Secretary of District President of Anuhushit Jati Parishad / Chairman of Scheduled Caste Development Board/President/Secretary of the Apex body of caste organizations authorized by Government.
  7. Copy of legacy data as per NRC 1951, Electoral role between 1966 & 1971.

Note: Additional proof of documents are required to be submitted in special cases like if a woman migrated from one state to another state on marriage or any citizen converted from one religion to another.

Government Fee

The issuance of certificate costs Rs. 25.

Applying for Caste Certificate

The applicant can apply online or offline for a caste certificate.

Offline Application Process

The applicant should visit the nearby Tehsil Office, Revenue Office, SDM Office or CSC / SETU centres to apply for the caste certificate offline. The applicant can obtain the application form directly from the office or download the copy below for your reference:

Assam Caste Certificate Application

The applicant should fill out the form with the necessary details after which the photograph should be affixed. Submit the duly filled application along with the prescribed documents to the concerned authority after completing the payment in the counter of the office.

Online Application Process

Creating an account in e-district Assam Portal:

In order to apply online, the applicant should first register an account in the official website of the Assam Government to access online services. Steps to create an account are described below:

Step 1: The applicant should visit the official website of e-District Assam to create an account.

Step 2: Click Sign in on the right corner of the website, which directs to the login page.


Step 3: Click Create an account. The details required should be provided. The Screen name provided is important, which will be later used for logging in the online services.


Applying for Caste Certificate:

Step 4: Enter your e-mail address and password that was entered while creating your account and click on Sign In button.

Step 5: After successfully sign in, go to Online Services. Click on e-Governance Services, and the following screen will appear.


Step 6: e-Form search page will appear after successful Login. Select Caste certificate from the drop-down list and click online.


Step 7: The relevant application form appears which the applicant needs to fill properly and submit after verifying.

Step 8: Make the required payment and save the application form and payment receipt for future reference.

Note: Any mistake done or providing wrong information in the application form will eventually lead to the rejection of the application form.

Processing Time

Once the processing of the application is over and verified by the competent authority, the certificate will be issued in 30 days from the date of applying.


The validity of the caste certificate is up to 3 years.

Certificate Verification

The applicant can verify the certificate for any correction before downloading by entering the certificate number.


The applicant can download the certificate if all details are correct and as provided.

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