Gst Registration Cancellation In Manipur

GST registration cancellation process in Manipur can be initiated by the individual himself or the GST officer or the legal heir of the person registered under in the case of the sole proprietor. Once the GST registration is canceled the person is not required to pay any taxes under the GST.

A person can also cancel his GST registration in Manipur or it can be canceled by an officer, in case if the person is carrying the business after the registration is canceled then there are heavy penalties for the same.

Forms are to be filed for GST registration cancellation in Manipur?

An application is to be made in GST REG 16 to cancel the GST registration in Manipur. The following details need to be mentioned in the Form GST REG 16.

  • Details of the inputs, semi-finished, finished goods that are held in stock on which the cancellation is applied
  • Liability thereon
  • The payment details
  • A cancellation order is to be issued in the Form GST REG 19 within 30 days from the date of application that is made. The cancellation date will be therefore effective from the date that is determined by the officer and the taxable person will be notified.
  • Cancellation by the individual in the Form GST REG 16
  • Issuing a show-cause notice for Cancelling the GST registration in Manipur in Form GST REG 17.
  • Reply to the show cause notice in Form GST REG 18

Final GST payment

Before applying for the GST cancellation in Manipur the applying to all the overdue GST liability. Apart from this, the input tax contained in the stocks of the inputs, semi-finished goods, finished goods, and the capital goods or the output tax liability of these goods whichever is higher is to be remitted by the taxpayer.

The input tax credit on the existing stock is to be paid back as the taxpayer here cannot claim the input tax credit once the GST registration in Manipur is canceled.

The final GST payment however can be made by electronic credit to the cash ledger.
The final GST payment can also be made while submitting the final GSTR 10 returns.

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Gst Registration Cancellation In Manipur FAQ's

The GST registration in Manipur can be canceled by an officer or a person may voluntarily cancel his GST registration.

A person canceling the GST registration in Manipur has to file the final GST return in form GSTR10 within three months of the date of cancellation or the date of order of the cancellation whichever is later.

To cancel your GST registration in Manipur, consult our IndiaFilings GST expert. We will verify the filings status and also assist you in filing the overdue if there are any and file for GST cancellation.

A registered taxable person can apply for revocation of the GST registration cancellation within 30 days from the date of service of the order of cancellation of the GST registration.


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