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West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

West Bengal RERA Registration

West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

The government of West Bengal enacted west Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Authority (WBHIRA) in line with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). HIRA Act was introduced for regulating the sale in the real-estate sector and housing sector with the vision of bringing efficiency and transparency. WBHIRA online portal was designed to register real estate projects, real estate agents and complaints relating to real estate in the State of West Bengal. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining West Bengal RERA registration for projects in detail.

Objective of WBHIRA

The registration of Real Estate Project with the Housing Industry Regulatory Authority is made mandatory under section 3 of the West Bengal Housing Industry Act. The authority aims to promote the growth and development for a competing real estate sector. The below following are the key constraints of the Authority are as follows:

  • Ensuring the requirements of disclosures norms of Real Estate Projects by Promoters
  • Ensuring the sale of the plot, apartment or building, as the case may be, or sale of real estate project.
  • Registration of Real Estate Plans with Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • Registration of Real Estate Agents under Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • Speedy Grievances Redressal concerning registered real estate projects
  • Provide support and guidance to appropriate Government on in matters relating to the development and promotion of the real estate sector

Documents Required for Project Registration

The below following are the list of required documents to be uploaded while applying for the Real Estate Project Registration.

  • Identity Proof (PAN Card, Aadhar Card, etc.) of all the members, directors, and chairman. ( In case of a firm/ company)
  • Address Proof (Valid Passport, Utility bill, Property tax bill, etc.)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copies of the registered Ownership Documents
  • Copies the Field Sketches (along with the measurements)
  • Authorisation letter from the Landowner
  • Land Title search Report from an Advocate
  • Site Plan details along with measurements as on ground including the diagonals.
  • Details of the Encumbrances (includes title, rights, interest or name of any party in or over such lands)
  • Proof of the plan and proceedings
  • Area details mortgaged to the Authority for the plan’s approval
  • If the projects are to be developed in phases, then the phases details, prints of the plans and operations of the phases to be enclosed.
  • Proforma of the Allotment Letter
  • Agreement for Sale and the Conveyance
  • Facilities terms proposed in the project along with a proof of project prospectus
  • Project development address along with the landmark and location details of the project plan (that includes boundaries,  Longitude and Latitude and at end points of the project site)
  • Financial Contract or agreement details made with any bank or other financial Contract
  • The deed proposed to be signed with the Allottee.
  • Details of Fixtures, fittings (Brands and Specifications), amenities and common areas approved by the Competent Authority.
  • Structural Stability Certificate (duly issued by Certified Engineer along with the details of parameters followed for verification of structural stability)
  • Copy of Insurance of  Contractor or Building All Risks Policy
  • Copy of Insurance of Title of the Land.

Procedure for West Bengal RERA Project Registration

The applicants have to follow the below procedure to apply for the Real Estate Project Registration.

Access the WBHIRA Portal

Step 1: You have to navigate to the official portal of WBHIRA for the Real Estate Project Registration.

Step 1 - West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects
Step 1 – West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

Step 2: You must click on the “Online Registration” that is visible on the portal’s homepage.

User Application Registration Page

Step 3: Upon clicking on the tab, you will be directed to the user application page where you need to enter all the requested details.

Step 4: After entering all the details, you have to click on the Register button.

Step 5: An e-mail will be sent you your registered e-mail address for the verification process.

Step 5 - West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects
Step 5 – West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

Step 6: Now you need to open the e-mail which has been sent. Then you must copy and paste the link to the browser to validate your email and enable login.

Login into Portal

Step 7: You need to enter your user id and password to login to the portal.

Step 7 - West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects
Step 7 – West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

Project Registration

Step 8: To register your project open you have to select the “Application for Registration of Project” link.

Step 8 - West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects
Step 8 – West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

Step 9: Upon selecting the link, project registration instruction page will be displayed on the screen.

Fill in the Right Credentials

Step 11: You have to enter the project name and location.

Step 11 - West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects
Step 11 – West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

Select Organization type

Step 12: You have to select the Organization type from the dropdown list, and then you need to fill out the required fields according to selection.

Select Project type

Step 13: Now you have to select your project type, and according to the selection you need to provide the following details

  • Land area in square meter
  • Select Residential Flats or Commercial or Land
  • Number of open parking
  • Number of basement parking
  • Number of other covered parking
  • Number of the Mechanical Parking
  • Upload the Required Documents

Step 14: You need to upload all the necessary documents specified above to complete the registration process.

Note: You must upload all the documents with the valid title. In case of non-availability of financial documents, you can upload a document with proper reason text against respective year, column and upload and submit available documents only.

Make Payment

Step 15: Then you have to make the payment according to your selection (Residential or Commercial or Land). The payment can be done only online.

Step 15 - West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects
Step 15 – West Bengal RERA Registration for Projects

Step 16: Once you have submitted the application form it will list the application. To complete the process, you have to proceed with the payment process for which you need to click on the Make payment button.

Step 17: The payment can be done using Credit Card, Debit Card or through Internet Banking.

Step 18: After clicking on pay now button it will redirect to BillDesk payment gateway

Step 19: Once you have done with the payment, you will receive the success message.

Step 20: You can download or print the form in .pdf format and can view the fee also.

Get an Acknowledgement Slip

Step 21: Upon submission, the applicant will be provided with an acknowledgement slip for further reference.

Approval of Project Registration

Step 22: Once the project has been approved, you have to furnish the below following details.

  • Details of the Project
  • Quarterly Status Update
  • NOC Approvals
  • Promoter Profile to upload the project onto HIRA website

Approved Project Update

Step 23: Now you need to provide latitude and longitude from the map and also update the Agent details that are involved for the said project.

Step 24: You must mention the consultants involved for the project said, like Contactor, Architect or Structural Engineer.

Step 25: Now you need to enter the details of the promoters and other Officials Handling the Project

Step 26: Also mention the Facilities, amenities and Block/ Building details provided in the said project,

Step 27: Click on the “upload” button to upload all the legal documents.

Update Promoter Details

Step 28: Now you must update the promoter details, and the details that you have provided will be displayed publicly.