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Uttarakhand Ration Card


Uttarakhand Ration Card

Ration card is one of the most important multi-purposes legal documents. Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs of Government of Uttarakhand issues ration card to the citizen of Uttarakhand. The important benefit of ration card is that it enables the holder to procure all subsidies provided by the Uttarakhand Government. Holders of the ration card can also purchase all essential commodities for daily needs at highly subsidized prices. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining a Uttarakhand ration card in detail.

Benefits of Ration Card

The benefits of obtaining Uttarakhand Ration card is explained in detail.

Identity Proof

As stated above, the ration card serves as an important identity proof. The ration card number can be linked to the Aadhaar card, which in turn will be linked to the bank account. Thus ration card is serving as a multi-purpose legal document that facilitates many important tasks.

Government Subsidies

The government of Uttarakhand provides a subsidy for essential food items and commodities for ration cardholders. The essential food items, commodities and goods that the civil supplies department authorities supply to the ration card holders are listed as follows.


  • Rice and Wheat
  • Sugar

Petroleum Products

  • Kerosene
  • LPG

Address Proof

The ration card serves as the legal identity proof document required by the Government of Uttarakhand. This legal document serves as an authenticated identity proof for the entire family since it comprises of family members details such as a spouse, parent and children details.

  • Ration card is a mandatory proof for buying a property in Uttarakhand
  • Ration need is to be submitted as address proof while applying for loans in the bank
  • For applying Passport and PAN also the applicant can take ration card as address proof

Types of Uttarakhand Ration Card

Uttarakhand government provides a ration card of a different colour to different categories of families (consumers).

Ration Card Type Ration Card Colour Eligible Families


APL Ration Card


Yellow Card

Above Poverty Line families whose annual income above Rs.15,000.


State Food Yojana Card


White Card

Families whose annual income below Rs.15,000
BPL Ration Card White Card Below Poverty Line families


Antyodaya Anna Yojana


Pink Card

Families covered under Antyodaya Anna Yojana


Annapurna Yojana


Green Card

Senior Citizen of 60 or 65 years and not receiving any pension facilities

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to apply for new Uttarakhand ration card are as follows:

  • The applicant must not have a ration card
  • Couples who recently got married in Uttarakhand can apply
  • Holders of temporary ration cards or past cards expiry can apply for new ration card

Validity of Ration Card

Uttarakhand Ration card is valid for 5 years; it can be renewed by filing an application.

Applicable Fee

For obtaining Uttarakhand Ration card, an amount of Rs.5 needs to be paid.

Document Required

Documents required to apply for ration card in Uttarakhand is explained in detail below.

  • Address Proof – Water, Electricity or Telephone Bill
  • If on rent – Rent Receipt
  • In case of transferring from one Town or Gram Panchayat to another – Surrender Certificate
  • In case of transferring from one Town or Gram Panchayat to another – Ration Card of the previous residence
  • For Govt or Semi Govt Personnel – Certificate of residence address and number of members by Institutional Head
  • For people working in  Registered Industrial Institutions – Residence certificate and number of members by Institutional Head or Reporting Officer
  • For students in Urban Area – Certificate for taking education and residential address by Institutional Head
  • Photograph of Family Head

Obtaining Ration Card in Urban Area

Follow the below-given step by step procedure to obtain Ration card in urban areas of Uttarakhand.

Submit an Application

Step 1:  To get a new Uttarakhand Ration Card, the applicant has to fill an application form in a prescribed format. Provide the following details in the application form:

  • Name and Address
  • Details of family
  • Gas connection details
  • Income details
  • Bank account information

Approach District Supply Office

Step 2: After providing all details in the application form, submit the application along with all required documents to the Clerk at District Supply Office (DSO).

Get an acknowledgement receipt

Step 3:  After verifying application form and all other documents, the Clerk will issue an acknowledgement receipt.

Note: Keep the receipt safe for future reference.

SI Verification

Step 4:  Clerk will forward the application to Supply Inspector (SI) of the concerned area.

Step 5: After verifying all documents SI will visit home to check all other details.

Step 6: If the verification is satisfactory, SI will sanction the issue of ration card forwarding the application back to the clerk.

Issue of Ration Card

Step 7:  Clerk makes a new Ration Card, computes the family units, affix the photo of the head of the family and enters the ration card entries in the master register. Ration Card will be attached with Fair Price Shop (FPS) nearest to home.

Get New Ration Card

Step 8: Submit the acknowledgement receipt to the clerk and get the new Ration Card.

Obtaining Ration Card in Rural Area

For obtaining a Ration card in a rural area, follow the procedure given below:

 Step 1: For applying for Ration card in a rural area, visit the Block Development Office (BDO) in the area.

Step 2: Submit an application along with all other documents to Gram Panchayat Officer (GPO) at BDO Office.


Step 3: GPO will verify the documents and will give an acknowledgement receipt to the applicant. GPO will also forward the application to SI.

Step 4: SI will visit the home for verifications.

Step 5: If verification is satisfactory, he will sanction the issue of ration card.

Step 6: GPO makes a new Ration Card, computes the family units, pastes the photo of the head of the family and enters the ration card entries in the master register.

Note: The applicant’s Ration Card will be attached with Fair Price Shop (FPS) nearest to the home.

Step 7: On producing the acknowledgement receipt to GPO, the applicant can collect the Uttarakhand Ration card.

Ration Card Renewal

  • Ration card renewal process is the same as for applying for a new ration card in Uttarakhand
  • Old Ration card is needed to attach with the application form along with all other supporting documents mentioned above
  • The time limit for renewing the ration card after the expiry is 2 month and if it is not renewed within the time, then the ration card entry will be removed from the register
  • An amount of Rs.5 needs to be paid for renewing Uttarakhand Ration card