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TAHDCO Entrepreneur Development Programme

TAHDCO Entrepreneur Development Programme

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) is a programme implemented by Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing & Development Corporation (TAHDCO) which helps in developing the entrepreneurial abilities and the skills that are required to run a business. This scheme aims at helping a person to acquire the necessary skills and capabilities to play the role of an entrepreneur effectively.

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) is being organized on a regular basis to nurture the talent of youth by educating them on different aspects of industrial activity that may be required for setting up MSEs. These EDPs are usually conducted in Polytechnics, ITIs and other technical institutions, where the skill is available to motivate self-employment.

For the economic development of the Tribal population, assistance is provided for starting any income-generating activities with a minimum cost of the project is Rs.1.50 lakh. This scheme also provides subsidies of up to 50% of the total project cost which is also subject to a maximum of Rs.3.75 lakh per individual is released by TAHDCO as a back-ended subsidy.

The Entrepreneurship Development Programmes course contents are designed to provide useful information on manufacturing practices involved, product/process design, testing and quality control, project profile preparation, selection and usage of appropriate machinery and equipment, marketing avenues/techniques, export opportunities, product/service pricing, cash flow, financial and financial institutions, infrastructure facilities available, etc.

Objectives of EDP

To motivate an individual to choose entrepreneurship as a career and to prepare this person to exploit the various market opportunities for successfully operating and maintaining the business.

Training of ‘individuals’ so that they can be ‘entrepreneurs’ and are made competent enough to scan existing market situation and environment.

These trained individuals should successfully establish their own business and they should be equipped with all the required skills required to run their business smoothly.

To help in the rapid industrialisation by supplying skilled entrepreneurs.

To industrialise the underdeveloped areas and to provide a huge scope of employment generation in these sectors.

To provide ‘self-employment’ careers to the young generation.

Role of EDP

All Entrepreneurship Development Programmes primarily play four roles to help an ‘individual’ to become an ‘entrepreneur’. They are:

Stimulatory Role:

  • Developing financial, managerial, technical, and marketing skills.
  • Inculcating personality and social traits.
  • Promoting and reforming entrepreneurial behaviour and values.
  • Motivational training and building a proper attitude towards business and life.
  • The knowledge of local products and the processes that will help in the selection of products, preparation of project reports, etc.

Supportive Role:

  • Registration of the business.
  • Procurement of funds.
  • Arrangement of water, land, power, shed, etc.
  • Support in the purchase of appropriate and adequate machinery and equipment.
  • Supply of raw materials and other necessary common facilities.
  • Providing tax relief, subsidies and other financial assistance and aids.
  • Guidance in product marketing and support for management consultancy.

Sustaining Role:

  • Help in expansion, modernisation, and diversification of business.
  • Providing additional finance for further development
  • Deferring interest payment.
  • Creating new marketing processes and helping the entrepreneurs to access to improved services and facility centres.

Socio-economic Role:

  • Identifying and applying entrepreneurial qualities in practicality.
  • Creating employment opportunities in small, micro, and medium industries as soon as possible.
  • Stopping and reducing the concentration of industries by supporting regional development in a balanced manner.
  • Focusing on the equal distribution of income and wealth of the nation by channelizing the latent resources for building an enterprise.

The Government of India has established specialised institutions to develop/increase the rate of entrepreneurial development in India like MSME-DI for small scale industries, NIESBUD in Noida, NIMSME in Yousufguda, Hyderabad, NSTEDB, EDI, IED and CED in various different states across India.


  • The applicant of this scheme should have prior experience/desire and knowledge in the trade that is being applied.
  • The applicant and/or their family members should not have availed any subsidy previously.
  • The applicant of this scheme should possess an eligibility certificate that is issued by a recognised institution.


  • Applicants themselves can select the trade they wish to start their business in.
  • The assets created under this scheme will be registered only in the name of the applicant.
  • The applicant is expected and trained to carry out the business in the district where the subsidy is sanctioned.

Application/Registration Procedure

Note: The Scheduled Tribe (ST) can click on the “Click here to apply if the applicant belongs to ST” button to be redirected to the desired webpage.

The applicant needs to fill out the following detail to move on to the next stage/section of the application process:

  1. Is the Applicant belongs to SC? (Select either Yes or No)
  2. Sub-Caste (Select from given options)
  3. Gender (Select either Male, Female or Transgender)
  4. District Name (Select from given options)
  5. Scheme Name (Select from given options – EDF)

Click on the button “Go To Fill Your Application”, to be re-directed to the next section/stage of the application process.


On the redirected page, a list of documents that need to be enclosed with the application is mentioned. On closing this pop-up window, the applicant will be able to continue the application process.

EDP-Pop-up page

The following details need to be filled to complete the application process:

  1. Applicant’s Name& address with phone number
  2. Voter ID
  3. Aadhaar Card No
  4. If the applicant is differently-abled (Select from given options)
  5. Family Annual Income
  6. Family Card No.
  7. Present Occupation of the applicant
  8. Education Qualification (Select from given options)
  9. Whether the applicant/family member has availed any Assistance from TAHDCO
  10. The Applicant is a member in SHG or Any other Dept? (Select Yes or No)
  11. Name of Trade Applied for (Select from given options)
  12. Project details
  13. Working Capital details


Note: All documents to be enclosed with the application