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SUPER 50 Accelerator Program for Women Startups

SUPER 50 Accelerator Program for Women Startups

SUPER 50 Accelerator Program is an initiative of Women, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, (WICCI) Karnataka Startup Council to support women-led startups in building their dream businesses. As part of this program 50 super energetic women, entrepreneurs will be selected and their businesses will be analyzed for the ‘now’ to ‘growth’ gap.

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Women, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, (WICCI)

A National Business Chamber for Women, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, (WICCI) boosts and builds women’s entrepreneurship and businesses through greater engagement with government, institutions, global trade, and networks.

SUPER 50 Accelerator Program for Women Startups
SUPER 50 Accelerator Program for Women Startups

Benefits of SUPER 50 Accelerator Program

  • The women entrepreneur selected for this program will get an exclusive mentor and access to the expert mentors’ pool.
  • WICCI Karnataka Startup Council is also organizing the Quarterly pitching session for selected startups (Investment Ready) with potential investors.
  • Investors may include Government bodies / Corporates / HNI / Angel / Venture and investment could be in the form of debit/equity/crowdsourcing formats
  • Selected Startups are also eligible to participate in the Partner programs (B2B Procurements from Super 50)
  • Awards – End of the program, Startups are recognized under the following categories:
    • Super Startup of Super 50 (2022)
    • Innovative Startup of Super 50 (2022)
    • Fast Growth Startup of Super 50 (2022)

Eligibility Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs with a business that demonstrates one or more of the below can apply for the program. 

  • Innovation
  • Use of technology
  • Impact on the state/community

Eligibility Criteria for WICCI Karnataka Startup Council 

  • A business founded and run by women can also apply for the WICCI Karnataka Startup Council 
  • The SUPER 50 Accelerator Program is applicable to For-Profit enterprises based in Karnataka
  • To avail the benefit of the program more than 60% ownership and control with a woman founder
  • The startup should be revenue-generating and in business for a year or more
  • The women startup having the potential to grow can apply for the program

Eligible Startups

  • Accelerator
  • Investor
  • Mentor
  • Individual
  • Early Traction Startup
  • Scaling Stage Startup

Focus Area

WICCI Karnataka Startup Council  is looking to collaborate & work with startups on any of the following themes:

  • Analytics and Advertising
  • Architecture Interior Design
  • AR VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality)
  • Automotive, Art & Photography
  • Animation, Chemicals, and Computer Vision
  • Telecommunication & Networking
  • Construction, Agriculture, and Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence
  • AI, Green Technology, and Events
  • Fashion, Finance Technology, and Enterprise Software
  • Food & Beverages, Design and Dating Matrimonial
  • Education, Renewable Energy, and Technology Hardware
  • Healthcare & Lifesciences
  • Internet Of Things and IT Services
  • Human Resources, Marketing, and Nanotechnology
  • Non-Renewable Energy, Pets & Animals
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail and  House-Hold Services
  • Professional & Commercial Services
  • Sports, Social Impact and Social Network
  • Textiles & Apparel
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Logistics, Travel & Tourism
  • Security Solutions Indic Language Startups
  • Airport Operations
  • Real Estate and Other Specialty Retailers
  • Safety, Robotics, and Passenger Experience
  • Biotechnology, Waste Management
  • Toys And Games
  • Relevant Service Type
  • Government & Hyperlocal
  • Discovery and Location-Based Services
  • Manufacturing, Marketplace, Mobile
  • Offline and Online Aggregator
  • Peer To Peer and Platform 
  • Consulting and Consumer Internet
  • Engineering, E-Commerce
  • Rental, Enterprise Mobility, and Research
  • Sharing Economy, Social Enterprise, and SaaS
  • Subscription Commerce

Incentives Offered

Fiscal Incentives

  • SUPER 50 Accelerator Program provides Access to the investing panel after the pitching sessions and evaluation
  • Fiscal support is subject to terms and commitment and startup assessment. Access to WICCI Karnataka Startup Council registered corporates / B2B from procurement diversity.

Non-Fiscal Incentives

  • SUPER 50 Accelerator Program provides Access to  Mentors / Advisors,  Investors,  Knowledge Repositories and Corporate Business
  • The startup selected under the program will get Networking and learning from Peers Scaling up and investment readiness
  • Pitching Sessions will also be provided to eligible startups
    SUPER 50 Accelerator Program provides Awards/Recognition for the selected startups

TimeLine of SUPER 50 Accelerator Program

Application Opens 31st March 2022
Deadline to Apply 16th April 2022
Application Result Date 16th April 2022

Application Procedure for SUPER 50 Accelerator Program

The accelerator Program Applications will be open from 31st March 2022 to 16th April 2022. The applicant is required to access the official webpage of Startup India.

  • From the home page click on the Programs option and then select View all active programs.
  • By clicking on the Accelerator Programme from the new page, the list of active programs will be displayed. Click on the SUPER 50 Accelerator Program, the link will redirect to a new page.
  • Click on the apply now option; the Startup India login page will be displayed. The existing users of Startup India can log in to the portal to apply for the program.
  • After login to the portal, the applicant can apply for the program:
  • Post the application, the start-ups with innovative technologies will be shortlisted
  • On basis of the due diligence, the WICCI Karnataka Startup Council will select the Startups in the program.