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SPICe Plus For Company Incorporation


SPICe Plus For Company Incorporation

To enhance the Ease Of Doing Business (EODB) initiatives in India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) implemented SPICe+ (Spice Plus) in a web form. The SPICe+ webform shall replace the old SPICe Form. SPICe+ Form shall also associate with company registration but with added 10 more services from the Central Government Departments and Ministries. The SPICe+ form shall apply to all new companies incorporating into MCA from 15th February 2020. The applicant shall also register for EPFO and ESIC along with SPICe+ as the respective agencies can no longer register companies separately.

Objectives of Implementing SPICe Plus

  • To provide Greater Ease of Doing Business for creating a simpler process to incorporate companies
  • Reduce Cost and processing time to start a business in India (includes all formalities along with documentation process)
  • To provide support and immediate services from various Ministries and Central Government departments
  • Create a progressive and user-friendly web portal for company incorporation application
  • To create a better platform to increase the ranking in the global market

Difference between SPICe INC 32 and SPICe Plus

Reserving the name for the Company Reserving the name for the Company
Incorporating a New Company Incorporating a New Company
Applying for DIN (Director Identification Number) Applying for DIN (Director Identification Number)
Bank Account Opening
Professional Tax (Maharashtra)

Ministries and Departments associated with SPICe Plus

  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs,
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Department of Revenue (Ministry of Finance) and
  • State Government of Maharashtra.

Features of SPICe Plus Form

SPICe acts as an e-form and the applicant uploads it in the PDF format. As SPICe+ acts as an integrated web-based platform, the applicant shall file the incorporation for companies in the portal. The following are the features of the new web-based form:


To create the process simpler, the MCA created two parts: Part A and Part B.

Part A: To reserve Names for the New Company
Part B: Part B offers the following services:

  • Incorporation
  • DIN Allotment
  • Mandatory Issue of PAN
  • Mandatory Issue of TAN
  • Mandatory Issue of EFPO Registration
  • Mandatory Issue of ESIC Registration
  • Mandatory Issue of Profession Tax Registration (for Maharashtra)
  • Opening Bank Account for the Company and
  • Allotment of GSTIN (if required)

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Can the applicant file Part A and Part B Separately?

Yes. Part A associates with reserving the name for the new company. The applicant may choose to apply to reserve the name first. After reserving the first, the applicant can continue to file incorporation and other services. However, the applicant can also choose to process both Part A and Part B. The applicant shall find no difficulty in filing Part B after reserving the name for the company in SPICe+.

How to Continue to File Part B after Completing Part A?

If the applicant chooses to file Part A and Part B separately, the user should have to login again in the MCA Portal registered user name and password. After logging in, the user shall find the approved name displayed at the Dashboard. To continue with the SPICe+ process, the user can just click the link displaying the SRN or application number in the new dashboard. Hence, the user need not re-enter the SRN, if generated already.

Note: As per the MCA notification dated 23rd April 2020, any new companies for incorporation reserved for 20 days must file within 20 days in Part B.

MCA also extended for any names expiring between 15th March 2020 to 3rd May shall extend by 20 days even if beyond 3rd May 2020.

How to start filing for Incorporation Services?

To initiate filing the Incorporation for companies, the applicant should create an account by providing the required information. Existing users of SPICe can use the old user name and password to log in.

Who should file AGILE-PRO?

AGILE-PRO, an application, shall apply for applicants if registering for GSTIN, EPFO, ESIC and Professional Tax Registration (Maharashtra). The MCA replaced the AGILE-PRO form with Form INC-35.

Click here for filing Incorporation, Trademark Registration and documentation.

Who Can File SPICe+?

Applicant registering for the following type of companies can file SPICe+:

  • Private Limited Company,
  • Public Limited Company,
  • One Person Company,
  • Nidhi Company or
  • Section 8 Company.

Resubmitting the Application

In the case, if the applicant requires resubmitting the application for company name reservation or incorporation, the person shall apply for resubmission using the application number. The person can click on the link available for SRN, for easy processing.

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