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Sikkim Death Certificate


Sikkim Death Certificate

A death certificate is a legal document that is issued by the Government to the family members or to the nearest relatives of the deceased. The certificate states the fact, date and cause of the death. Every death has to be registered to avoid the deceased from any social, legal and official obligations, to settle property issues, to inherit wealth by the right person, to enable the family to collect insurance and for other benefits. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining a Sikkim death certificate in detail.

Need for the Document

The death certificate can be used as a proof for many legal purposes like

  • To claim life insurance
  • In settling estates
  • In getting remarried
  • For arranging funeral
  • For investigations purposes
  • To conduct statistics on various diseases

Death Registrations

According to Registration of Births and Death 1969, every death has to be registered within 21 days of its occurrence in the respective State or Union Territory. The Indian Government to establish this has implemented an arrangement by appointing Register General in the centre and Chief Registrars in the States. Depending on the place of occurrence, deaths have to be registered by the following people.

  • Death occurs in a house: The head of the household is eligible to register the birth in the concerned Registrar Office.
  • Death occurs in hospital: A person who is authorizable by the medical institution is responsible for registering the death in the respective Registrar Office.
  • Death occurs in jail: The jail in-charge can register the death with the concerned Registrar Office.
  • Death occurs in public place: The local police in-charge or headman of the village can register the death.

Documents Required

To apply for a death certificate, submit the following documents along with the application:

Application Procedure

The application procedure to apply for a death certificate is as follows:

Step 1: Log on to the website

The applicant has to log on the official website

Step 2: Click on Services

The applicant has to click on the Services tab that appears on the Homepage.

Step 3: Click on e-Certificates

Now, on the next page, click on option e-Certificates.

Step 4: Death Certificate appears

By clicking on the death certificate, the application form appears.

Step 5: Enter the details

The applicant has to enter the details in the application form.

Step 6: Upload Documents

The applicant has to scan and upload all the required documents with the application form.

Step 7: Submit the application

After uploading the document, the applicant has to submit the form in the online portal.

Step 8: Transaction ID and Password

Upon submission of application, the applicant receives a transaction ID and password that can be used at the time of checking the status of the application.

Step 9: Verification Process

The authorities conduct the verification process to check the accuracy of the given details.

Step 10: Issuing the Certificate

Once all the details are verified, the applicant receives the Death Certificate.

Additional Copies

In case the original gets lost an applicant can obtain additional copies of the death certificate in following ways. They are

  • The applicant can obtain the certificate through the funeral home.
  • The applicant can obtain the certificate through a third-party company.
  • The applicant can obtain the certificate through the state or country of the deceased.

Contact Details

For further queries, the applicant can contact the given address:

Department of Information Technology,

Government of Sikkim,

Annexe 1, Top Floor, Kazi Road,

Gangtok, Sikkim-737101.

Phone No. +91 3592 – 202601 / 207426

E-mail: [email protected]