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Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana


Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

Every farmer desires a successful crop and expects potential yield from their farm. To attain maximum productivity, crop protection is essential to keep the crops away from various damaging factors such as pests, domesticated animals, unfavourable weather events etc. Fencing is a worthwhile investment that is necessary to keep the livestock in and out of the area of farming. Many small farmers perceive farming cost to be beyond their capacity, thus unable to afford for the fencing. Hence the Government of Rajasthan has planned to impart financial assistance to such farmers by implementing Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana scheme, thereby preventing them suffer from heavy losses.

Features of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

The State Government of Rajasthan has allocated a budget of Rs.8 crores. Under this scheme, 50% of the total expenditure or an amount of Rs.40,000 is assisted by the Government. The scheme has been implemented in all districts of the state for the target groups, which incorporates support for 17.83% of scheduled castes, 13.48% of scheduled tribes and 30% of women farmers.

Fencing under Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana

The scheme grants for the wire fence of only about 400 meters from the forked wire at a distance of only two meters. The farmer should construct a pillar of barbed wire or angle iron fence posts of a height of 150 cm. The thickness of the cement, concrete or angle iron should be 3.3 meters. Each 10th column and corner column should strengthen by column beside the same size.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applying farmer should be a permanent resident of Rajasthan
  • The farmer should possess the land of 0.5 hectares at least for a decade (10 years)
  • To avail the 50% subsidy or Rs.40,000, the farmer should contribute 50% of his or her money
  • To be eligible, the farmer has to lock the land
  • If the applicant is availing any benefit from any other scheme for the same land, then he or she is ineligible
  • Grant will be remitted only on completing the wirework with the resources of self or with the assistance received from the bank loan

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar card
  • Ration card
  • Base card of the farmer
  • Jambardandi should not be six months old
  • Land consolidation and all land-related documents
  • An affidavit

Applying for the Scheme

The online mode of application is yet to be opened and will be updated once implemented by the Government.

Offline Application:

Step 1: The applicant should visit one of the nearest facility centres where the application form can be fetched. The copy of the application and affidavit is below for reference:

Tarbandi application form

Tarbandi Affidavit Format

Tarbandi affidavit

Step 2: The applicant should fill the form with required details and must attach the photocopies of the necessary documents.

Step 3: The applicant should submit the filled application to the competent authority.

Step 4: The farmer will receive an intimation on the application status clearance on mobile via SMS.

Step 5: Inspecting the eligible farmer’s wirework, the assistant agricultural officer will submit the report to the agriculture supervisor there.

Step 6: A board will be available for the farmer on the farm, in which the information of grant assistance will be present.

Step 7: The amount of grant credits directly to the farmer’s account.