PF Form 10C

PF Form 10C – Withdrawal Form

PF Form 10C – Withdrawal Form

Form 10C of under the Employees Pension Scheme is used for claiming withdrawal benefits. Form 10C can be used by a member of the Employees Pension Scheme or his/her family member in certain cases. If a member of EPS wishes to file a claim using Form 10C, he/she should have left the employment before completion of 10 years service or should have attained the age of 58 years before completion of 10 years service. Form 10C can also be filed by persons who have attained the age of 50 years or more,  but less than 58 years and not willing for reduced pension. Finally, the form can be filed by a family member or nominee of a deceased member who had died after 58 years age but had not completed 10 years of eligible service.

Types of Claim using Form 10C

The following claims can be made using PF form 10C:

  1. A member who has left the employment before completion of 10 years service can use Form 10C to apply to get the amount toward withdrawal benefit.
  2. A member who has left the employment before completion of 10 years service who is not eligible to get Pension, has to apply in Form 10C to get the amount towards withdrawal benefit.
  3. A member, who has completed 10 years service on the date of leaving the service and has not attained the age of 50 years on the date of filing this application can use the form to get scheme certificate.
  4. A member who has attained the age of 50 years or more, but less than 58 years and not willing for reduced pension can use the form to get Scheme Certificate but in case he wishes to get reduced pension, he/she can do so by applying through Form 10D.
  5. Finally, Form 10C can be used by family members in case of deceased member who died after attaining 58 years age but before completion of 10 years of eligible service.

A member, who has left the service on account of total and permanent disablement, irrespective of his age and period of service, is eligible for monthly disablement pension and should apply for pension through Form 10D.

Form 10C

Form 10C of the Employees Pension Scheme is attached below for reference:

Form 10C EPS

Documents Submitted with Form 10C

Form 10C should be attested and submitted through the employer under whom the member was last employed. In case the claim is through a form downloaded from the EPF website, all pages should be signed by the claimant as well as the employer. The following documents must be attached to Form 10C:

  1. Copy of blank/cancelled cheque.
  2. Date of Birth Certificates of children of member, if applying for Scheme Certificate.
  3. Death Certificate of member in case of death of member.
  4. Succession Certificate in case of application by the legal heir after death of member.
  5. Affix Re 1 stamp if opted for payment of Withdrawal Benefit through Bank.

Employer Not Available

In case of a closed establishment whose Authorised Signatory/Employer is not available, the claimant can forward the claims duly signed in the presence of any of the following authorized official:

  • Magistrate
  • Gazetted Officer
  • Post or Sub-Post Master
  • President of Village Union
  • President of the Village Panchayat where there is no Union Board
  • Chairman or Secretary or Member of the Municipal or District Local Board
  • Member of Parliament
  • Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Member of Central Board of Trustees
  • Regional Committee of Employees’ Provident Fund
  • Manager of the Bank in which the Saving Bank Account is maintained
  • Head of any recognized educational Institution D

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