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PF Claim Form 11

PF Claim Form 11 – Advance or Withdrawal

Employees Provident Fund is a social security and savings scheme for employees in India. Employers having 20 or more employee are mandatorily required to obtain PF registration and make PF contributions. EPFO has centralised most of the services relating to EPF on the Unified Portal. Employees having UAN can check their PF claim status, PF balance and file all PF applications on the Unified Portal itself. In this article, we look at the PF claim form for advance or withdrawal of money in the PF account of an employee.

PF Claim Form 11 – Employees Having UAN linked to Aadhaar

PF Claim Form 11 is applicable for employees having UAN whose details like Aadhaar, Bank Account and PAN has been updated on the Unified Portal. Employees submitting PF Claim Form 11 can submit this form directly to the concerned EPFO office directly without the attestation of claim form by the employer.

After submitting the application, PF claim status can be checked by the employee on the PF website or UMANG app or missed call facility. While processing PF withdrawal, TDS will be deducted if the service is less than 5 years at 10% rate if member submits PAN or at 34.60%, if no PAN us submitted. TDS will not be deducted if the total balance is less than Rs. 50,000/-.

Note: PF Claim Form 19 can be submitted if you do not have UAN.

PF Withdrawal Reasons

Using PF Claim Form 11, employees can apply for an advance or withdrawal of the amount in a PF account. The reason for applying for an advance or withdrawal of PF can be any of the following:

  • PF Settlement
  • Pension Withdrawal Benefits (only if the service is less that 10 years)
  • PF Part Withdrawal

List of documents required for PF withdrawal.

PF Settlement

PF settlement application can be made by an employee for any of the following reasons:

  1. Ill health of member
  2. Contraction /Discontinuation of employer’s business
  3. Other cause beyond the control of the member
  4. Marriage (for female member)
  5. Permanent Settlement Abroad

PF Part Withdrawal

PF part withdrawal application can be filed by an  employee for any of the following reasons:

  1. Housing Loan
  2. Purchase of Land/House/Flat
  3. Construction/Addition, alteration in Existing House
  4. Repayment of Housing loan
  5. Lockout or closure of factory
  6. Illness of member/family
  7. Marriage of self/son/ daughter/brother/ sister
  8. Post Matriculation education of children
  9. Natural calamity
  10. Cut in electricity in establishment
  11. Purchasing equipment by physically handicapped
  12. One year before retirement
  13. Investment in Varistha Pension BimaYojana

Download PF Claim Form 11

PF Claim Form 11