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Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana

Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana

Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana

The Bihar Government has launched a scheme entitled “Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana” which enables the farmers to rent agricultural equipment/farm machinery directly from the State Government. Under this scheme, the Government will provide agricultural machinery to the farmers on nominal rent facility. Through this scheme, the farm output and prosperity will increase and lead to the development of agriculture in the State. Let us look in detail about the Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana in this article.

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Objective of the Scheme

The following are the objectives of Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana that are as follows:

  • To make available the various farm of agricultural equipment, farm machinery
  • and other implements under the priority sector of Agriculture and allied activities to support the small and marginal farmers of the state
  • To balance the adverse economies of scale due to the high cost of individual ownership
  • To improve the mechanization in areas with low farm availability
  • To provide hiring assistance for various agricultural machinery or implements that are applied for the different operations
  • To expand more mechanized activities during cropping seasons in the large areas especially in small and marginal holdings

Features of Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana

The below listed are the range of features and benefits of Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana:

  • On implementation of this scheme, there will be a raise in the agriculture yield.
  • This scheme also ensures to improve the financial conditions of farmers to bring stability in their livelihood.
  • It will provide support services, equipment and assistance programs to help the small and marginal farmers.
  • This scheme increases the reach of farm mechanization to the small and marginal farmers and to the areas where availability of farm power is low.
  • The State Government, in collaboration with the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Society, would create Krishi Sanyantra Bank. The farmers of the state would be able to book in prior for buying farm machinery directly from the banks on rent.
  • The Government will set up Agriculture Machineries Bank (Krishi Sanyanatra Bank) in the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Society (PACS) with an evaluated cost of Rs.20 Lakhs of financial expenditure for the construction.
  • The Bihar Government will offer 50% of the total expenditure for each and every Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Society as credit. The remaining amount of 50% will be granted in the form of contributions/endowments. The Bihar Government has already set aside a total fund of Rs.1692.60 crore for implementing this programme.
  • Apart from the farm machines, which assist the farmers in growing and harvesting the crops, from these banks, all the farmers can take agricultural machinery on rent at lesser rates and perform irrigation related activities.
  • This scheme is supervised by the Agricultural Department of Bihar.

Eligibility Criteria

The below are the criteria to apply for the Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana are as follows:

  • The farmer applicant to be a permanent resident of Bihar.
  • An individual farmer or Joint/Group of Farmers owner-cultivators who are engaged in Agriculture and related farm activities.
  • In the case of joint farmer applicants, then any one of the member to be an owner farmer.
  • The farmer applicant should not be a defaulter in a bank.

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Documents Required

The documents that have to be possessed by the applicant are given below:

  • Application form (Duly filled)
  • Identity Proof: PANAadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Identity Card, etc.
  • Address Proof: Aadhar, Valid Passport, Utility bill, Property tax bill, etc.
  • Bank account details.
  • One passport size photo of the applicant.
  • Signature verification of applicants
  • Farmer ID Proof
  • Any other document required by the bank

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Application Procedure of the Scheme

To apply for the Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana, follow the below procedure:

Step 1: The Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana can be applied at nearest Gram Panchayat or Tehsil. The clear online application procedure for this scheme will be intimated in the official portal by the government. The state government is more likely to opt for an online application process for the ease of the applicants.

Step 2: The farmer applicants will have to fill the mandatory details such as Aadhaar card number, email id and paid pending application number, sanction number, fee payment details, source of irrigation and its depth, capacity demanded. Fill up the applications along with the information of the persons who are ready to avail the benefits of this scheme. 

Step 3: After filling the form, the applicant is required to submit them to the relevant office. Then the respective department will make the verification process and prepare the beneficiary list.

Step 4: On successful submission of the completed application at the concerned office, an acknowledgement number of the application form will be sent to the registered email IDs of the applicant for future reference.

Step 5: These devices will be available in every tehsil or block. Any farmer can rent these instruments for a fixed time frame.

Step 6: On completion of this work, this machine will have to be submitted back to the department.