Manipur Land Valuation Certificate


Manipur Land Valuation Certificate

The Government of Manipur fixes the value of land in the state from time to time. Property registration charges and the stamp duty are deliberated based on the minimum value of land maintained by the State Government. Land values managed by the Government will be re-examined periodically according to the location, commercial and market value of the land. Manipur Land Valuation Certificate is used to prove the Minimum guidance value of the land in a particular area of a District. In this article, we will look at the procedure to obtain a Manipur land valuation certificate in detail.

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Importance of Land Valuation Certificate

Benefits of obtaining Manipur land valuation certificate is explained in detail below:

  • The land valuation certificate is one of the mandatory documents to get property description details recorded on the Registration of Property.
  • This certificate furnishes the details regarding the minimum guidance value of land as on date.
  • The Land valuation documents also provide the year of valuation and the time of assessment etc.
  • Land valuation certificate is a mandatory document to obtain a property loan from the bank.

Note: It is recommended for landowners to check and obtain a land valuation certificate for every 3 to 5 years.

Minimum Guidance Value

Minimum guidance value is the minimum price below which the land cannot be registered.

The government of Manipur after taking all aspects (changes in the utility of land of all classes) fixed Minimum Guidance Value of Different Categories of property in the state by location, commercial and Market value.  The minimum guidance value of land in Rural, Urban and District Headquarters are given below.

Minimum Guidance Value Manipur

Applicable Fee

Land valuation certificate service does not require any payment for processing. The user has to provide service charge to CSC centre.

S.NoServiceService Charge
1Land Valuation Certificate for Citizen of APLRs.10
2Land Valuation Certificate for Citizen of BPLNil

Documents Required

The following documents have to be submitted for obtaining land valuation certificate in Manipur.

  • Application form
  • Jamabandi/Patta Copy
  • Up-to-date Land Revenue Receipt
  • Land documents/ Land Deed
  • Any other documents (Trace map, etc.)
  • Latest Revenue tax receipt

Applying Land Valuation Certificate through CSC

Guidelines for applying the Manipur land valuation certificate through CSC centre are explained in step by step procedure.

Step 1: Approach the nearest CSC (Common Service Centre) in the area.

Step 2: Submit a request for land valuation certificate in CSC centre. Provide supporting documents, as mentioned above. Provide the following details:

  • Revenue Village Number and Name
  • Patta Number
  • Land Class
  • AREA
  • Applicant details
  • Reason for applying the certificate
Land Valuation Certificate Application

Step 3: CSC person will forward the valuation certificate application online to the concerned authority. Provide a unique application number.

Note: Keep a unique reference number safe for future reference.

Step 3: Status of application will be updated to the registered mobile number and mail id.

Step 4:  After verification by the concerned authority, land valuation certificate will be issued.

Step 5: Once receiving the application approved SMS, revisit the CSC centre. Provide a reference number to CSC person. Then the applicant will be provided with a digitally signed land valuation certificate.

Applying land valuation through MP e-District Portal Online

Guidelines for applying Manipur land valuation certificate through e-District Portal is in the step by step procedure.

Step 1: To get the land valuation certificate, access the home page of Manipur e-District Portal.

User Registration

Step 2: From the main page of the e-District website, select citizen login option.


Step 3: By clicking on ‘Click here Login with e-Pramaan., the link will redirect to the e-Pramaan page.

Step 4: Register in the Portal for availing certificate services provided by the Government. 

Step 5: New user can create the profile by clicking on ‘Create account’ option. The user can register in the Portal using any of the following options:

  • Registration using Aadhaar Number
  • Registration using Driving Licence
  • Registration without Identity verification

Step 6: If the applicant selected the Aadhaar number, enter the Aadhaar number to get an OTP to the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP for verification purpose.


Step 7: If applicant using Driving Licence, provide the driving licence number, date of birth and captcha code.


Step 8: Applicant can also register in the Portal without using any identity proof, but is not recommended. Click on the third option and provide few details such as Personal Details, Address Identity information, Additional information.


Login to Portal

Step 9: After registration, log in to the e-Pramaan Portal using username and password for applying Land valuation certificate.


Provide Details

Step 10: After Login to the Portal, select Land valuation as services option. Fill out an application form, provide the following details. The application form will be as below:

Manipur land valuation application online
  • Revenue Village Number and Name
  • Patta Number
  • Land Class
  • AREA
  • Applicant details
  • Reason for applying the certificate

Upload Documents

Step 11: Upload all supporting documents (refer above) and click on submit.

Step 12: On successful submission of the application form, an acknowledgement slip will be generated. Note the application number for future reference.

Status of Application

The applicant will receive the application status through SMS. The applicant can also check the application by visiting Manipur e-District Portal. Select the Application Status option from the home page.


Verify and Print Certificate

Once the application for land valuation certificate is approved, the applicant can download the document from the e-District Portal.


Click on verify/Print Certificate option from the menu bar, provide application number and click on the search button. After verification, the applicant can download digitally signed land valuation certificate.

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