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Maharashtra Caste Certificate


Maharashtra Caste Certificate

Caste certificate is a documentary proof which certifies that an individual belongs to a particular caste. Caste certificate is an essential document through which the citizens of Maharashtra state can avail the various kinds of benefits. A caste certificate Maharashtra is an official document issued by the government to verify an individual’s belonging to a specific caste or social group. In this article, we look at the guidelines for obtaining Maharashtra caste certificate, tracking status, and Caste certificate download Maharashtra.

Purpose of Caste Certificate

Caste certificate provides reservation quota in the government jobs as well as job promotions in the State Government. It mainly helps those who belong to Scheduled Castes (SC) or Scheduled Tribes (ST). Also, Caster certificate can be used for educational purposes such as scholarships, admission in any school, college or any other universities. Apart from these, it also helps an individual to avail various kinds of social welfare schemes from the Central Government, State Government and NGO’s.

Documents Required for Caste Certificate Maharashtra

To obtain Maharashtra caste certificate, submit the following documents along with the application:

Online Application Procedure

To obtain the Caste Certificate Maharashtra online, the applicant must follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: The applicant must visit the official website of Maharashtra.


Step 2: Click on the “Caste Certificate” option under the Revenue Department on the homepage.

Step 3: On the next page, read the given instruction and click on the “Apply” button.


Step 4: Select the required category of caste from the dropdown list.


Step 5: Now provide all the required details in the application form and click on the “Save” button. Also, take the print out of this receipt and application.


Offline Procedure

The applicant can obtain the application form by visiting the nearest Tahsildar office. You may also download the application online. Hence, a copy of the application form is enclosed below.


After filling the application form, enclose all the required documents. Then submit the application and documents along with the prescribed fee. The applicant will be charged Rs.5/- as registration fee. Therefore, the applicant will be notified to obtain the Caste Certificate Maharashtra within the specified time.

Track Caste Certificate Status

Using the official portal of Maharashtra, the applicant can obtain the Caste Certificate Maharashtra application status. Click on the Track your application button and enter your application ID. The status of the application saved will be displayed. In this way, you can track your application status for Maharashtra caste certificate.


Let’s move on to the process of caste certificate download Maharashtra,

How to Download Caste Certificate Online Maharashtra

Here’s how to conveniently download caste certificate online Maharashtra, eliminating the need to visit government offices and track its status:

  1. Wait for Approval Notification: You’ll receive a notification once your caste certificate application has been approved.

  2. Visit Aaple Sarkar Website: Head over to the Maharashtra Aaple Sarkar website

  3. Verify Your Certificate: Look for the section labeled “VERIFY YOUR AUTHENTICATED CERTIFICATE” on the right side of the webpage. This allows you to confirm the authenticity of your caste certificate online.

  4. Download and Save: After verifying your certificate, you’ll have the option to save a digital copy on your smartphone or computer for future reference.

These steps can simplify the process of caste certificate download Maharashtra.


In conclusion, a caste certificate in Maharashtra is a government-issued document verifying an individual’s caste for availing various benefits like job reservations, scholarships, and social welfare schemes. This article guides you through the online application process, required documents, tracking application status, and finally, how to download caste certificate online maharashtra, eliminating the need for frequent visits to government offices.