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Liquor License in Goa

A liquor license is a permit indicating that the license holder has the right to sell or deal with alcoholic beverages at a particular place. This license is overseen and granted by the State Excise Department of every state in India. Any individual/ entity who wish to sell alcohol or alcoholic beverages in retail must obtain a liquor license of the appropriate state to do so legally. The concerned department issues this license only after a detailed review and scrutinization of the information submitted by the applicant. Retail sale of liquor is always under the radar and to do so without a license is considered a punishable offence under various state laws. This article hopes to provide you with the information required to obtain a Liquor License in Goa.

Need for Liquor License

As per Article 47 of the Constitution of India, the law clearly states that in order to improve public health, a prohibition on intoxicating drinks and drugs which are harmful to health should be bought about. The consumption of alcohol is prominent in every section of Indian society. The fact that alcohol is readily available and the weak implementation of laws surrounding alcohol are triggers that could drive the public towards high levels of alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is unlawful for any individual to manufacture, distribute or sell intoxicating liquor without striving to maintain the health and state of peace and order in the country. The sale of alcohol and issuance of a liquor license is managed by the state supervisor of the Alcohol and Tobacco Control division.

Types of Liquor

The main types of liquor sold in Goa can be categorized under the following sections:

Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL): This type of liquor is the type of intoxicating alcohol that is manufactured in India by a foreign-owned enterprise or company.

Foreign Liquor (FL): This type of liquor is the type of alcohol that is imported into India from foreign countries.

Country Liquor (CL): This liquor is commonly known as Desi Daaru/ Desi Liquor and is made by fermenting and distilling natural ingredients of various kinds. For example in Goa, cashew and coconut is used for this purpose and gives form to intoxicating alcohol such as Cashew Feni and Coconut Feni respectively.

Wholesale, Retail Sale in Packed Bottles and for Consumption of IMFL/CL/FL

Common Eligibility

An applicant (Partnership Firm/ Company or a Sole Proprietor) who is over 21 years of age and having 25 years of Residence Certificate issued by the concerned Taluka Mamlatdar, Government of Goa, may apply for a license, through the Office of the Excise Inspector of the concerned Taluka.

Common Documents Required

Documents required for the grant of a liquor license of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Country Liquor and Foreign Liquor under Rule 90 of the Goa Excise Duty Act & Rules, 1964 are as follows:

  1. Application for a liquor license in the prescribed Form E-28.
  2. Elevation, internal site & premises plans of the proposed site.
  3. Birth Certificate/ Proof of Age.
  4. Affidavit of the applicant.
  5. Copy of House Tax Receipt.
  6. Processing fees (Challan copy).
  7. NOC from Village Panchayat/Municipality.
  8. Certificate of Medical Fitness.
  9. Restaurant license (if applicable).
  10. NOC from concerned Health Centre (if applicable).
  11. Zoning Certificate from the Town & Country Planning Department or the North Goa Planning and Development Authority or South Goa Planning and Development Authority.
  12. Certificate from the Village Panchayat or Municipality stating that no individual resides in the proposed building/premises except the applicant and associated relatives.
  13. Certificate of 25 years of Residence.
  14. Report from the concerned Public Works Department office stating that the proposed premise is situated more than 500 meters away if the population of the area comprises of local bodies with over 20,000 people. In the case of regions comprising of local bodies with a population of 20,000 people or less, the distance may be reduced to 220 meters from the State Highway or National Highway.
  15. Police Antecedent Report
  16. Processing fees as applicable under the Goa Excise Duty Acts and Rule, 1964.

Form E-28 has been attached below for a quick reference:

Form E28 - Liquor License in Goa
Form E28 – Liquor License in Goa

Application Procedure

The below procedure must be followed to apply for a liquor license in Goa.

Step 1: Visit the official site of the Management Department of Excise, Government of Goa.

Step 2: Click on Registration, proceed to New Registration and click on Apply.

Step 2- Liquor License in Goa
Step 2- Liquor License in Goa

Step 3: Click on the Continue icon to proceed further.

Step 3- Liquor License in Goa
Step 3- Liquor License in Goa

Step 4: The following page will have the required fields that are to be filled precisely to present a valid application. After filling in the details, click on Submit.

Step 4- Liquor License in Goa
Step 4- Liquor License in Goa

Step 5: An acknowledgement pop-up displaying the Application number/ Registration number will be shown. Note down the Application Number.

Step 5- Liquor License in Goa
Step 5- Liquor License in Goa

Step 6: Go back to the Main page, click on Registration, proceed to New Registration and click on Submit.

Step 6- Liquor License in Goa
Step 6- Liquor License in Goa

Step 7: On the following pop-up, enter the Application Number allocated for you.

Step 7- Liquor License in Goa
Step 7- Liquor License in Goa

Step 8: In the following page, fill in the required details and upload all the necessary documents mentioned under the Document Type section.

Step 8- Liquor License in Goa
Step 8- Liquor License in Goa

Step 9: The successfully uploaded documents shall be listed below on the page.

Step 9- Liquor License in Goa
Step 9- Liquor License in Goa

Step 10: Upload the applicant’s passport sized photo by clicking on Choose File next to Upload Photo.

Step 10- Liquor License in Goa
Step 10- Liquor License in Goa

Step 11: Click on Submit, and the documents will be forwarded to the concerned department for review.

Step 11- Liquor License in Goa
Step 11- Liquor License in Goa

For further details on the procedure of applying for a liquor license, click here.

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