Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme

Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme

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Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme

The State Government of Karnataka has recently implemented the Shrama Samarthya Scheme for the Welfare of Construction Workers in the State. The intention behind this implementation is to grant various benefits to the construction workers of the State. Through this Scheme, the State government is planning to enhance the skill set of construction workers by providing them with the appropriate training.

Features of Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme

  • As per the recent notification of the scheme, the State Government has allotted nearly INR 99.98 Crores from the budget towards this scheme.
  • The state government believes that the scheme would help in the training of approximately 37,440 workers.
  • The mode of training provided is based on the experience of the person or the requirements of the construction industry.
  • The Government also aims to educate the workers in all the necessary skills and innovative ideas which are essential for their respective jobs.
  • The primary motive behind the implementation of the scheme is to ensure the health, safety and Social Security of all the construction workers.

Credentials of Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme

  • A free toolkit is being provided under this scheme to increase the skills of construction workers.
  • The kit comprises of various types of safety equipment such as plastic helmets, shoes, hand gloves and safety glasses.
  • The complete module of training is provided at absolutely no cost for the poor and marginal daily wage workers.
  • The training provided under this Scheme will surely make the employees proficient and thus boost their confidence level.
  • Eventually, it will end up enhancing their opportunities in the Construction field.
  • An additional feature of the Scheme is that the government allows importing of sand through state-run Mysore Sales International Limited (MSIL) and other private players.
  • A German-based Karnataka Technical Training Institute which has a worth of INR 48 Crore is a part of the scheme.
Name of Scheme Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme
Implementation Authority State Government of Karnataka
Scheme Proposal As Defined by the State Law Minister of Karnataka
Budget allotted INR 99.98 Crores
Benefits Offered Free Toolkit and Workshop training to enhance the skill set of workers

Eligibility Criteria to avail Karnataka Shrama Samarthya Scheme

  • The Scheme is only extended to the construction workers of the state.
  • The beneficiary is expected to be a citizen of the State.
  • The applicant should be at least 18 years old, and the maximum age limit is 60 years.
  • Workers who apply for the scheme should be working for at least 90 days during a span of 12 months.

Application Procedure

The Karnataka Shrama Samarthya scheme has been implemented only at a ground level, and hence no appropriate application procedure has been suggested by the State Government. In due course of time, the application form can be availed online through the official website.

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