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Karnataka Death Certificate

Karnataka Death Certificate

Karnataka Death Certificate

In Karnataka, it is obligatory under the Karnataka Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 1970 and Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969 to register every death with the state Government within 21 days of its occurrence. Upon registering the death, Government of Karnataka issues a death certificate to the nearest relatives of the deceased to signify the date, fact and cause of death. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Karnataka death certificate in detail.

Karnataka Registration of Births and Deaths Rules

Karnataka Registration of Births and Deaths Rules 1969 governs the process of registering birth, stillbirth and death in the state. As stated above as per the provision of Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969, every death has to be registered with the corresponding department within 21 days of its occurrence.

Purpose of Obtaining Death Certificate

Purposes of obtaining Karnataka death certificate is explained in detail below:

  • The death certificate is a crucial proof, as it states the cause of death.
  • Death certificate imparts information related death such as date, time and place of death.
  • This certificate is the necessary document to relieve the deceased from social, legal and official commitments
  • This certificate will have to be submitted to settle property inheritance.
  • The family member of the deceased to collect insurance and other benefits needs to provide a death certificate.

Registering Death

Every death in Karnataka needs to be registered with the Concern Registrar Office to obtain Death Certificate. The person responsible for recording a death in the state is given below:

  • If a death occurs in a house, the head of the family has to report the death.
  • The medical in-charge is responsible for registering if the death occurs in a hospital or medical institution
  • Jailer in-charge is accountable for registration if a death occurs in a jail
  • If a new-born child or body is founded deserted in any area, headman of that area or local police station in-charge needs to register such death.
  • In case death occurs in a hostel, choultry, boarding-house, lodging house, tavern, barrack, toddy shop or public resort, the in charge person of that place is accountable for registration.
  • The superintendent of the estate can register, in case of death occurs in a plantation

Prescribed Authority for Registration

 This eJanMa site provides details of all Deaths electronically registered in Karnataka. The Deaths that occur in rural & urban areas are recorded in eJanMa by below-mentioned authorities through Nada Kacheri at Hobli level.

In Rural areas

S.No Area Registrar
1 Village (Except converted Mandal Panchayat) Medical Officer In charge
2 Taluk Hospitals Medical Officer
3 Primary Health Centre Health Officer

In Urban areas

S.No Area Registrar
1 City Corporations Health Officer
2 City Municipal Councils Health Officer / Health Inspector
3 Town Municipal Councils Health Inspectors
4 Notified Areas / Project Areas Health Inspectors
5 Sanitary Boards Sanitary Inspectors
6 District Hospitals Resident Medical Officer
7 Community Health Centres Medical Officer

Documents Required

Following documents need to be submitted at the time of completing death registration in Manipur.

  • Age proof of the deceased – Birth certificate or SSLC certificate
  • Death registration application form
  • Ration card
  • Medical Certificate stating the causes of death, if required.
  • Address Proof of deceased (Voter ID card, electricity, gas, water, telephone bill passport, or Aadhaar card)

Applicable Fee

Fee structure for registering Death in Karnataka is tabulated here.

S.No Transaction Fee
1 Registration of death within 21 days Nil
2 Registration  of 21 to 30 days from date of death Rs.2
3 Registration  of 31 days to 1 year from date of death Rs.5
4 Registration after 1 year from date of death Rs.10

Validity of Death Certificate

Karnataka death certificate once obtained, it will be valid for lifetime.

Time Frame

The death certificate can be obtained within thirty days from the date of its reporting.

Registration of Death

If a death occurs in Karnataka, it should be registered at the place of occurrence with the concerned registrar within 21 days of the event. The death certificate will be emanating only if the death details found Registered in Karnataka Death Records (eJanMa) portal.

If the death is not reported within 21 days from its occurrence, an affidavit stating the reason for the delay in reporting have to be furnished to the concerned Registrar of that area.

Death Registration Procedure

Process for registering a death in Karnataka is explained in detail below.

As stated above, the death of a person has to be registered with the concerned registrar by filling up an application form in a prescribed format. Documents, as mentioned above, have to be submitted. Following Details have to be furnished.

  • Legal Information’s such as DOB, Gender of deceased and details of family members
  • Statistical Information – Town or Village, Religion, Parents education
Karnataka Death Report Form-2

Certain Medical institutions are required to submit an application form on Medical Certificate of causes of Death to the concerned registrar.

Karnataka MCCD Form_4

Medical Certificate of Cause of Death for Non-Institutional Death Is reproduced here.

Karnataka MCCD Form_4A

After verification, concerned authorities (registrar) will update the death records in eJanMa portal by through Nada Kacheri at Hobli level.

Death Certificate will be issued after verification with the actual death records of the concerned area. Upon registering the dearth, the Registration number will be provided. Registration number and date will have to provide for getting death certificate.

Registration of Deaths of Missing Persons

Registration of death of a missing person for more than seven years will be updated based on the details provided by the court. The concerned court will determine place and Date of death in the declaratory suit, and it can be used for registration purpose.

Registration of deaths of Indian citizens outside India

Indian Consulates register the deaths of an Indian citizen outside India, as per the provisions made in the Citizens Rules 1956, under the Citizenship Act 1955, and issue death certificates.

Verify Death Records in Karnataka

Before applying for a Death certificate in Karnataka, it should be confirmed that death details are available in state death records and verify the same. You can follow the procedure given below to check the death details online on death records.

Step 1: Visit the official website of eJanMa (Karnataka Birth and Death Records)

Step 2: Select option Birth/Death Verification option from the home page.

Image 1 Karnataka Death Certificate
Image 1 Karnataka Death Certificate

Step 3: Upon clicking on this option, you link will be redirected to the new page.

Step 4: Provide Death registration number and Date of Death. After providing captcha code, click on search button.

Image 2 Karnataka Death Certificate
Image 2 Karnataka Death Certificate

 If the death details are found correct in the state death records, you can apply for a death certificate. If any mistakes are found in documents, contact concerned registrar office.

Application Procedure for Death Certificate

Procedure to apply for the death certificate in Karnataka is explained in detail below:

Step 1: The applicant can apply for Death certificates through the concerned registrar office where the death has been registered.

  • Rural areas – Village Accountant or Taluk Hospital or PHC centres
  • Urban areas – Health Officer or Health Inspector or R.M.O. or Medical Officer (CHC) or Sanitary Inspector CMC, TMC, TP or NAC

Step 2: Provide Following details for getting death certificate:

  • Applicant name
  • Number of copies required
  • The reason for applying death certificate
  • Death Registration Number

Step 3: The operator at Hobli will enter the data furnished by the applicant into eJanMa website. The details will be forwarded to the concerned registrar.

Step 4:  The concerned registrar will verify the data and digitally signs the Death Certificate.

The applicant can get the digitally signed Death Certificate after verification.

Correction in Death Certificate

For Additional Copies of the Death Certificates and any Corrections, contact Data Entry Operators of the concerned Nada Kacheri.

If you have applied for correction in the death certificate, you can track the status of the application by visiting the eJanMa website. Select application status option from the home page.

Image 3 Karnataka Death Certificate
Image 3 Karnataka Death Certificate

Provide death registration number and enter captcha code shown. By clicking on the submit button, you can get the status of the application.

Image 4 Karnataka Death Certificate
Image 4 Karnataka Death Certificate

Contact Details

Any clarifications contact District Statistical Officer of the concerned District.