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How do you Respond to Tax Demand?

How do you Respond to Tax Demand

How do you Respond to Tax Demand?

Tax filing is one of the most critical responsibilities for individuals and businesses in India. Responding to an Income Tax notice demand can be a complex process, and it is vital to understand the legal implications of the demand. This article will provide a guide on how to respond to an Income Tax Demand in India and provide information on ensuring compliance with tax regulations and avoiding further tax demands. This article is essential reading for anyone looking to understand the legalities of responding to tax demands in India.

A tax demand in India is an amount of money owed to the government in taxes that must be paid by a specific date. It is usually issued by the Indian Income Tax Department when a taxpayer has failed to pay or has underpaid their taxes. A tax demand notice will include the amount due, the date it must be paid, and the consequences of not paying it.

What to do when you receive a Tax Demand

Check the validity of the tax demand.

Check the validity of the tax demand by verifying the tax demand notice that you have received. Ensure if the notice has been issued in the right person’s name and that the amount mentioned is accurate.

Check the time limit for payment.

Check the time limit for payment of the tax demand mentioned in the notice.

Request for time extension for payment

If the time limit for payment of the tax demand is close, you can request an extension for payment of the tax demand.

Gather the required documents.

Gather the required documents to file a response to the tax demand notice.

File an objection to the tax demand.

You can file an objection to the tax demand if you think the amount demanded is erroneous or not applicable to you.

Pay the tax demand. 

If you cannot file an objection or if your objection is rejected, you are required to pay the tax demand within the specified time limit.

Respond to a Tax Demand online

  1. Go to the Income Tax e-Filing portal.
  2. Login with your credentials.
  3. Once logged in, click on the “Pending Actions” tab.
  4. Select “Response to Outstanding Demand”.
  5. Review the current status of each past and existing demand on the Response to Outstanding Demand page.
  6. Click “Pay Now” or “Submit Response”, depending on the status.
  7. You will receive a message on your email ID and phone number registered on the e-Filing portal.