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How do I get a company name approval?

How do I get a company name approval

How do I get a company name approval?

Starting a new business in India requires several legal formalities, including obtaining a company name approval. Getting a company name approval in India can be complex and involves multiple steps. This article will guide you through the steps to get a company name approval in India and register the name with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). So, if you plan to start a new business in India, read on to learn how to get your company name approved.

Fast Company Name Approval

Company name approval

Company name approval in India refers to obtaining approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for a proposed company name. It is a critical step in starting a business in India, and it ensures that the proposed company name is unique and compliant with the legal requirements set forth by the MCA.

The Companies Act 2013 mandates that every company in India must have a unique name that is not similar to any other company’s. The name approval process ensures that your proposed company name is not in use by any other entity and does not violate any existing trademarks or laws.

Company name approval Application Form

The SPICe Plus (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically Plus) form is a comprehensive form that can be used to apply for name approval and other services related to company incorporation in India.  

Procedure to get a company name approval  

Research the availability of the proposed company name:

It is essential to ensure that the name you have chosen for your company complies with the MCA guidelines and is available for registration. Before applying for the name approval, you should perform a thorough search on the MCA portal to confirm the availability of the name. The name should not be already taken, similar, or objectionable as per the guidelines provided by MCA.

You can also check the Company Name Availability by Clicking here.

Fill out the SPICe Plus form

Once you have chosen a unique name, you must fill out the SPICe Plus form available on the MCA portal. The form includes Various details like

  • The type of company
  • Proposed company name
  • Registered office address
  • Other necessary details

Here are the steps to fill out the SPICe Plus form for company name approval:

  • Visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website and log in to the MCA portal using your credentials.
  • Click on the “MCA Services” tab, then select “SPICe+.”
  • Select the type of company you want to incorporate and fill out the basic details of your proposed company, including the company name, registered office address, and proposed business activities.
  • Once you have filled out the basic details, select the appropriate forms and attachments for your application. Select “Part A – Company Name Approval” for company name approval and complete the required details.
  • Upload the supporting documents, including the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA), along with other required documents such as identity proof, address proof, and PAN card details.
  • Review your application and ensure all the information and documents are correct and complete.
  • Pay the prescribed fee for the application through the MCA portal, which will be based on the company’s authorized capital.
  • After applying, you need to wait for approval from the MCA. The approval process usually takes one to two business days.

Once the name is approved, you can proceed with the incorporation process of your company. It is crucial to choose a unique and relevant name for your company to create a strong brand identity and avoid any legal disputes in the future.