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Haryana Fire License


Haryana Fire License

As per the provisions regulated under the Haryana Fire Service Act, 2009, it is mandatory to possess a Fire License or No-Objection Certificate to obtain a building plan approval from the Haryana Urban Development Authority. Haryana Urban Local Bodies Department issues fire license to verify the conformity of requirements of fire safety measures of premises. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining a Haryana fire license in detail.

Haryana Fire Service Act, 2009

According to the Haryana Fire Service Act, 2009, any individual proposing to construct a building more than 15 meters in height for commercial or business purposes has to apply for the approval of the building plan before the commencement of the construction. The authorization is issued in the form of a license.

Need for Fire License

An individual is required to obtain a fire license under the following conditions:

  • Fire license is a must for anyone seeking trade license or occupancy certificate from the civic body in the state.
  • Fire license is necessary to carry out businesses and trading activities, as listed under in the Department of State disaster and fire services
  • Fire license is needed to verify that a building is resistant or unlikely to observe any fire-related accident.

Fire License Categories

The following are the categories of the building that are required to obtain a fire license in Haryana.

  • Education buildings.
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and sanatoria
  • Custodial institutions
  • Telephone exchange.
  • Assembly buildings
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Business buildings
  • Mercantile buildings
  • Industrial building low hazard
  • Industrial building Moderate hazard
  • Industrial building High hazard
  • storage building High hazard

Documents Required

The below mentioned are the required documents that should be submitted along with the application form of Haryana fire license.

  • Approval of Fire Fighting Scheme from the Competent Authority.
  • Permission Letter/BR-III
  • Information of dedicated fire staff, with name, Qualification and Contact Number.
  • ID Proof/Authority Letter
  • Detail of Building
  • Total tower approved
  • Applied for Number of towers (With tower numbers and name).
  • Remaining for Number of towers (With tower numbers and name)
  • Data of already issued NOC(With tower numbers and name).
  • Authorisation letter with Employee ID proof
  • Photo of the fire system in working condition
  • Fire Consultant Certificate
  • Sanction of Building Plan
  • Check List as per NBC 2005
  • Resolution or Authority letter regarding signatory of the document
  • Alarm or Ventilation consultant certificate.

Offline Application Procedure

The applicant can obtain Haryana Fire License/No Objection Certificate by following the steps mentioned below:

Approach  Assistant Divisional Fire Office

Step 1: The applicant must visit the Assistant Divisional Fire office to collect the application form of a No Objection certificate.

Step 2: The application form has to be filled by the applicant correctly without any errors.

Upload the Documents

Step 3: Now attach the documents specified after filling the application form for approval.

Step 4: Then submit the duly filled application form to the concerned authority of Assistant Divisional Fire office.

Step 5: After submission, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement receipt as a confirmation of submission.

Collect the No Objection Certificate

Step 6:  After verification, the certified copy of fire license/No Objection certificate will be issued at the mentioned period by the concerned authority.

Online Application Procedure for Fire License

Applicants can apply online for fire license in the state of Haryana by following the steps mentioned below:

Visit the Official Portal

Step 1: Visit the official portal of  Directorate of Urban Local Bodies (Haryana) Department.

Step 2: Click on “Apply for Fire NOC ” option from the online services, which is visible on the homepage of the portal.


Step 3: On the next page, select “Click here to apply” for the online application.

Step 4: After clicking, the following online form will appear on the next screen.

Application form for No Objection Certificate

Step 5:  The applicant has to fill the application form with the appropriate details such as

  • Application type
  • Details of approval of firefighting scheme
  • Building details
  • Tower/block details
  • Basement details
  • Applicant details

Step 6: After filling with the specified information, the applicant has to upload the document along with the application form and then click on the” Save” button.

Step 7: Upon submission of the NOC application, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement receipt as the confirmation of submission.


Note: Once the applicant applies, the verification process is carried out by the department to grant Fire No Objection Certificate.

Document Verification

Step 8: The Clerk of the concerned Municipal Committee checks the documents along with the application submitted online.

Step 9:  In case any discrepancy is found in the application and documents, the application is placed on hold by the clerk with intimation to the applicant for resubmitting the corrected reports.

Step 10: After resubmitting the Fire NOC application by the applicant, the application and documents are forwarded to the Assistant Divisional Fire Office of concerned Municipal Committee.

Uploading Inspection Report

Step 11: The Assistant Divisional Fire Officer will visit the unit and check the fire equipment submitted by the applicant and uploads the inspection report on the official web portal.

Step 12: Then, the application will be forwarded to the Commissioner of Municipal Corporations or Deputy Commissioner of Districts for final approval.

Step 13: Once approved an application ID will be generated. The No Objection Certificate can be downloaded from the portal.

Download Fire License

The user can download the No Objection Certificate by revisiting the official portal.

Step 1: Click on “Verification of Certificate” which is on the homepage of the portal.

Step 2: Now enter the required details such as

  • Application type
  • Application ID
  • Applicant name
  • Mobile number

After entering the details required, the applicant will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number.

Step 3: Enter the OTP to view the status of your certificate.

Step 4: On approving the application, the applicant can download the digitally signed certificate by clicking on the “Print Certificate” button.


Processing Time

The entire process of providing a No Objection certificate completes within 15 days from the date of application.

Applicable Fee

The applicant need not remit an application fee to apply for No Objection Certificate in Haryana.

Validity of the Fire License

The fire license or no objection certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue. However, it has to be renewed every year.

Renewal of Fire License

The Assistant Divisional Fire Officer renews the Fire No objection certificate for the buildings situated in any area (Rural or Urban). Whereas in some cases, the power of renewal of Fire No Objection Certificate will lie with the Commissioner of Municipal Corporations or Deputy Commissioner of Districts on the recommendations of the Assistant Divisional Fire Officer.