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Guide to Will and Testament

Check out the ET Wealth on 23rd May 2016 for IndiaFilings Guide to Will and Testament. Will is a legal declaration of a person for his/her property, which the person desires to be carried into effect after his/her death. In addition to disposing of property, Will can be made for appointing executors, creating trusts and for appointing guardians of minor children. Will can be changed and modified multiple times during the life of a person. Also, Will is a confidential document, and it can never be ordered to be produced. You can create a Will online from the comfort of your home through starting from just Rs.2988/-


Benefits of Creating Will

Last Will & Testament: Last Will is an important legal document declaring the intention of a person for the property after death

Easy and Online Process: Last Will can be created easily online through IndiaFilings for just Rs.2988.

Distribution of Property: Last Will is the only way to distribute the property as per one’s wish after death.

Financial Security: Last Will can be used to provide financial security to certain people in the family.

Appoint Guardian: Last Will can be used to appoint guardians for minor children.

Avoid Legal Hassles: Last Will helps avoid costly legal hassles and disputes amongst family members.

Inventory of Assets: Last Will can serve as an inventory of movable and immovable assets.


Process for Creating Will through IndiaFilings

Complete Online Form: Fill out a simple online form providing details about yourself, beneficiaries, and property – for drafting Will.

Preparation of Will: Based on your wishes and requirement, Will is drafted by an expert, vetted, and sent to you.

Execution of Will: you execute will in the presence of witnesses. Our experts are available for support if required.

To create a Will in India, visit

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