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Easily Create Last Will

Last Will and Testament is a legal declaration of the intention of a person with respect to his/her property, after passing away. IndiaFilings offers online Will drafting services from Rs./-

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Create a Last Will

Will is a legal declaration of the intention of a person with respect to his/her property, which the person desires to be carried into effect after his/her death. In addition to disposing property, Will can be made for appointing executors, creating trusts and for appointing guardians of minor children. Will can be changed and modified multiple times during the life of a person. Also, Will is a confidential document and it can never be ordered to be produced.

When a person dies without having made a Will, he/she is said to have died intestate. The property of the person is then inherited by his/her legal heirs in accordance with the law of inheritance applicable. Hence, to ensure there are no disputes post death, its is important to write and maintain Will during the life of a person. You can create a Will online from the comfort of your home through starting from just Rs.2988/-

Reasons to Write a Will

Last Will & Testament

Last Will is an important legal document declaring intention of a person with respect to property after death.

Easy and Online Process

Last Will can be created from the comfort of your home easily online through IndiaFilings for just Rs.2988

Distribution of Property

Last Will is the only way to distribute property as per ones wish after death. If there is no Will, property is distributed as per Inheriatance Laws.

Financial Security

Last Will can be used to provide financial security to certain people in the family who have special financial requirements.

Appoint Guardian

Last Will can be used to appoint Guardians for minor Children in case of passing away of both parents.

Avoid Legal Hassles

Last Will helps avoid costly legal hassles and disputes amongst family members

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all inclusive fees

    Last Will drafted and vetted by an expert at IndiaFilings based on your wishes.


all inclusive fees

    Last Will drafted and vetted by an expert with upto 3 changes over a 5 year period.


all inclusive fees

    Last Will drafted and vetted by an expert with unlimited changes over lifetime.

Will Execution Process

Will Execution Process can help you create and execute a last will and testament easily.

Complete Online Form

Fill out a simple online form providing details about yourself, beneficiaries and property - for drafting Will.

Preparation of Will

Based on your wishes and requirement, Will is drafted by an expert, vetted and sent to you.

Execution of Will

Will is executed by you in the presence of witnesses. Our experts are available for support, if required.


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