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GST Return Filing through Tax Preparer

GST Tax Return Preparers and GST Practitioners have been designated by the GSTN to help taxpayers with GST return filing. In this article, we look at the process followed by GST Tax Return Preparers for filing GST returns.

Filing of GST Return by GST Tax Return Preparer

The following process is followed by a GST tax return preparer for filing a GST return.

Step 1:  Selection of GST Tax Return Preparer

The taxpayer shall choose the GST Tax Return Preparer from the tax return preparers registered on the GSTN. (Taxpayer will have the option to change TRP any time).

Step 2: Preparation of GST Return

Using the account provided to the tax return preparer by the GSTN, the tax return preparer would prepare GST return in the prescribed format on the basis of the information furnished to him by the taxable person.

The taxpayer will be responsible for ensuring the correctness of information furnished by the tax return preparer.

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Step 3: Upload of GST Return

Once the tax return preparer completes the return preparation, he/she will be able to upload the return, based on the information provided by the taxpayer who has authorized him to do so at the portal.

Step 4: Confirmation of Taxpayer

After uploading the GST returns by the GST tax return preparer, the GST portal generates an e-mail and SMS having basic data of return and send the same to the taxpayer. The taxpayer can accept the correctness of the return and submit the same by just clicking on the link provided in the e-mail. If the taxpayer fails to respond to the e-mail, the returns filed by the GST tax return preparer becomes as ‘not submitted’.

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