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Fire License in Delhi


Fire License in Delhi

Fire accidents are quite common in a country which boasts of amazing skyscrapers and luxurious occupational spaces. Though majestic and delicate in outlook, buildings of such kind are prone to unanticipated fire incidents, more so in a city like Delhi given the population surge and unplanned growth witnessed in the capital. Paying heed to the safety of such buildings and its occupants, the Building Bye-laws were adopted in a notification of the Delhi administration dated 23rd June 1983, which was updated time and again at later stages. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining fire license in Delhi.

Regulatory Law

Fire services in the country are under the ambit of the Twelfth Schedule of the Constitution of India, under the provisions of Article 243W of the constitution. The tasks mentioned in the Twelfth Schedule come under the purview of the various municipalities.

Fire prevention and protection responsibilities are primarily vested with the state governments, and the rules concerning the same are established in the form of State Regulations or Municipal By-Laws.

The regulations pertaining to India’s capital were regulated by the Delhi Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act, 1986, until the introduction of a new Act. The current provisions concerning fire safety in Delhi are governed by the Delhi Fire Services Act, 2007 and Delhi Fire Service Rules, 2010.

National Building Code

The National Building Code is to dictate measures that will ensure fire safety, at least to a certain extent. The code mandates compliance with the requisite standards of fire safety essential for building occupants and users.

NBC code provisions incorporate by the various State Governments and Local Bodies in their respective regulations related to buildings.

Other regulations governing the provision include Section 38 of the Factories Act, 1948 and Section 37 of the same Act.

Documentary Requirements

To obtain a fire license or a No Objection Certificate (NOC), submit the following documents along with the application form:

  • Two sets of the proposed layout of the building.
  • Questionnaire (duly filled in).
  • Checklist certified by the Architect.
  • Copy of the site plan.
  • Copy of the service plan.
  • Copy of any existent agreement.
  • Copy of the bank guarantee.
  • Copy of the undertaking.
  • Copy of challan of the amount remitted.

Need for Questionnaire

The provisions concerning buildings covered under the Delhi Fire Services Act mandates its architect to submit a duly filled-in questionnaire, which must be supported with the plans. To avoid inconvenience, intimate the answer properly.

The guidelines for fire safety reaches the applicant in three weeks from the date of receipt of the request.

Issue of No Objection Certificate

The applicant requires to submit the application for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the Director of the builder/owner of the premises, upon the issuance of guidelines by the fire department. Also, the owners or constructers abide by the rules specified by the department at the time of construction while approaching the director for obtaining the document. In case of discrepancies report it to the Chief Fire Officer or the Director. The Director or Chief Fire Officer can approach in the event of a delay in carrying out the inspection or other relevant issues.