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Domino’s Franchise

Domino's Pizza Franchise

Domino’s Franchise

“You Got 30 Minutes”

Domino’s Pizza is a part of Jubilant Food Works Limited and the first store of Domino’s Pizza in India was launched in 1996 in Delhi. Domino’s Pizza is one of the leading brands for the delivery of delicious pizzas throughout the world including India. Domino’s franchise in India can be opened only as a partner of Jubilant Food Works limited which is the master franchisee of Domino’s Pizza. In this article, we look at the requirements and procedure for setting up a Domino’s Pizza franchise in India.

Why Domino’s Pizza Franchise?

Domino’s Pizza franchise in India can be attractive businesses plan as because Domino’s continues to be a pioneer in the pizza delivery industry.

  • Domino’s is one of the most widely-recognised consumer brands in the world.
  • The Domino’s Pizza Partners Foundation financially aids team members in times of hardship and adversity.
  • They have strong unit economics and a low cost to open, helping to generate strong cash-on-cash returns.
  • Domino’s delivers exceptional in-store and classroom training for all new franchise owners and has a strong support system in place that is focused on your operations and your business.

Term of Agreement and Renewal

The term of this Agreement shall be for a period of ten years, commencing on the date of opening of the store.

  • Initial Franchise agreement for the Standard Franchise and the Non-Traditional Store Franchise – 10 years
  • Franchise Agreement for the Transitional Store – 5 years

Investment Details

Presently Dominos Pizza owns 450 plus units through the company itself and 12000 plus franchise retail outlets across the World. In the United States, the total investment to start the dominos pizza store is around $102650 to $516,700 depending on the type of stores like traditional, nontraditional or transitional. In Indian currency, the investment comes around 65 lakhs to 3.5 crores.

Domino’s Pizza retail store

Domino’s Pizza retail store has four formats.

  • Traditional Stores: – are retail outlets located primarily in shopping centres, strip centres, and similar retail locations appropriate parking for delivery vehicles and customers of the store. Domino’s Pizza Traditional Stores sell pizza and other authorised products through delivery and carry-out services.
  • Non-Traditional Stores:- sell Domino’s pizza and other authorised products and services at non-traditional locations. These locations include office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, toll roads, airports, zoos, convenience stores and similar retail facilities.
  • Transitional Stores:-  Domino’s Pizza Transitional Stores are located in select markets that have fewer potential customers than Domino’s Pizza Traditional Stores. They generally offer carry-out service only as of the date of the opening of the store and as market conditions materialise.

The franchisor also issues licenses to sizeable public entertainment or similar facility operators, like stadiums or their concessionaires, to sell approved products for a license fee based on facility sales. The Licensee can sell pizza and other authorised products for carry-out service at the facility.

Training and Support

Domino’s offers in-store and classroom training and support for new and existing franchisees focusing on your operations and your business. An 18-day training programme will give you all the knowledge you need to commence your career.

Contact details

Address: Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

1001 – 1002, Tower – 3,10th floor,

Indiabulls Finance Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg

Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400013

Telephone No: 022 – 49135000;

Fax: 022 – 49135001

Official website of Dominos Pizza India –