Cause List on GST Portal

Cause List on GST Portal

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Cause List on GST Portal

In simple terms, cause lists are the schedule of cases to be heard by the courts on the following days. Cases wherein the application are filed / referred or when an order has been rectified by the authorities or the same has been declared as void ab initio, the tax officials provide the date of hearing and the said date of hearing is communicated to the concerned parties by the GST portal. In this article, we look at the procedure for viewing case list on GST Portal in detail.

View Cause List on GST Portal

Following are the steps to be followed, to view the cause list on GST portal –

  1. Visit the site
  2. Navigate to Services > User Services > Cause List.
  1. Appropriate option for the following needs to be selected from the drop-down list –
  • Type of authority;
  • State;
  • Jurisdiction;

After selecting above from the drop-down list, the date needs to be selected from the calendar provided.

  1. After providing the above information, click on the SEARCH button.

On clicking the SEARCH button, based on the selection is done, the cause list would be available in PDF and the same can be printed or saved.

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