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Bulk generation of GST e-invoice

Bulk generation of GST e-invoice

Bulk generation of GST e-invoice

From 1st January 2021, e-invoice is mandatory for the registered taxable person having an aggregate total turnover above INR 100 Crores. Large businesses will obviously have a large number of invoices and going for the e-invoice for each would be a tedious job. In order to facilitate the same, the concept of bulk generation of e-invoice is introduced.

The current article covers steps to download ‘Bulk Generation Tools’ from the e-invoice portal; brief on ‘Bulk Generation Tools’; steps to upload bulk e-invoice and accordingly generate ‘Invoice Reference Number’.

Steps to download ‘Bulk Generation Tools’

For a bulk generation of e-invoice, the very first step is to download ‘Bulk Generation Tools’. Narrating hereunder steps to download the ‘Bulk Generation Tools’ from the e-invoice portal-

STEP 1 – Visit site

STEP 2 – On the homepage, take the cursor to ‘Help’.

STEP 3 – From the drop-down list, go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Bulk Generation Tools’.

STEP 4 – Bulk Generation Tools would be available on the right-hand side of the page and in four formats. Download the utility depending on the requirement,

Brief on ‘Bulk Generation Tools’

As seen above, by following the above steps, ‘Bulk Generation Tools’ will be available in four formats. It is important to understand the usefulness of each form. All the four formats/ forms are explained hereunder-

Formats Description Explanation
Form A B2B and export of e-invoice details in a single worksheet

·    Form A covers both invoice details and item details in a single sheet.

·    Form A is useful for the businesses having one or two items in their invoice.

·    Form A is advisable for invoices having B2B transactions.

Form B B2B and export of e-invoice details in two worksheets

·    Form B covers two worksheets, one contains invoice details and another contains item details.

·    Form B is useful for businesses having various items in their invoice.

Form C B2B, Export, Payment and Reference details of e-invoice in multiple worksheets

·    Form C is useful for businesses having many items in their invoices along with payment details, reference details etc.

·    Form C has four worksheets, covering-

·    Invoice details;

·    Item details;

·    Payment details; and

·    Reference details.

·     Form C also covers additional details which are to be entered separately.

Form D B2B, Export, Payment and Reference details of e-invoice in one worksheet

·    Form D is useful for businesses having a large number of the items in the invoice along with reference details, payment details etc.

·    Form D consists of only one worksheet.

·    Form D contains details of an invoice, item, payment, reference and additional details.

Steps to upload Bulk e-invoice and generate Invoice Reference Number (IRN)

STEP 1 – Download ‘Bulk Generation Tool’ as per the steps mentioned above.

STEP 2 – Provide all the basic details as mentioned in the ‘Profile’ Sheet.

STEP 3 – Provide all the details of invoices in the necessary fields as per the ‘Invoice’ Sheet.

STEP 4 – To validate all the details, click ‘Validate’ button.

STEP 5 – Click on ‘Prepare JSON’ button. Notably, now JSON file will be generated, containing, details of multiple invoices.

STEP 6 – Visit site and click ‘Login’.

STEP 7 – Provide appropriate ‘User name’, ‘Password’ and ‘CAPTCHA’.

STEP 8 – Navigate the path e-invoice > Bulk upload.

STEP 9 – In order to select the JSON file, click ‘Browse’.

STEP 10 – Once the appropriate JSON file is selected, click on the ‘upload’ button.

STEP 11 – Summary of the uploaded file will be provided in the following manner-

  • Total number of invoices,
  • Total number of items,
  • First Invoice No. & Date,
  • Last Invoice No. & Date.

STEP 12 – If the above summary is ok, click on ‘Confirm’.

Notably, on successful upload of the above JSON file, each invoice will be allotted a 64-character length Invoice Reference Number. The same can be downloaded in excel format.

Effect in the e-way bill

The bulk e-invoice details provided/ uploaded as above will be updated by the e-invoice portal to the e-way bill system. Accordingly, by using the said data, the e-way bill system will auto-create Part-A of the e-way bill. Now, only the respective vehicle number will be needed in Part-B of the e-way bill.